Sunday, 13 March 2011

So much for that resolution!

Well, so much for that. I keep promising myself and any readers I may have left that I'll be updating regularly. That has turned into an epic lie!

Well here's an update anyway!

Crochet: still going. Just finished a Berocco "Phannie" beret commission in cream 50:50 acrylic/wool mix for a colleague at work. Have two baby cardis on the go for little H, one baby hat for Lyla who will be a year in April, and two kids size beanies/skull-caps for the same colleague's daughter.
This is my second "Phannie" beret for me in Fyberspates wool yarn. This is what a finished "Phannie" looks like.

Dyeing: have just Kool-Aid dyed three hanks. In the process of balling and test swatching now.
This is they, drying.

Horses: still riding despite breaking my toe! Or should that be, having my Barney break my toe for me!
I'll be competing on Sunday 20th, so wish me and Angel luck as we do our first jumping competition. I jumped Biscuit the little dun pony today who is as stubborn as anything so I have hope!
This is me and April, Angel's best friend and stall-mate. Turns out I don't have a pic of me and Angel on my phone. Anyway, she's a strawberry roan pony with a white blaze, about the same size as April.

Work: don't ask. I don't know where I'll be this time in a month as my office will no longer be open :( we're gutted. Everyone on my team has a bête noir at the moment it seems...

My babies: all fit and well. Min's ear is fine, Cash is poopy well, Jaz is a bit fat but no real health problems. All four pigs are fine aside from some sore toes/toenails. They're so clumsy they're always hurting their feet... Just like me!
My three bunny babies: Jaz, Mr. Cash and Min :D

I'll try and blog more regularly from now, but no promises! I have a private lesson on Friday, just me, Warwick the Norge Fjord pony and my instructor. Lovely. So Friday is out!

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