Saturday, 27 November 2010


It's cold here! -1oC!
Just the right weather to buy a hand crocheted item like the popcorn stitch cowl I've just finished! :)

My commissioned baby blankie is started at least but it's slow going, and I think a friend may be requesting a hat soon... So back to the grind!

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Saturday, 13 November 2010

Urban Jungles

The boyface has decided that he DOES want his hat now! What a pain in the butt!

This is the third Caron 'Urban Jungle' I've done, and I've found the pattern to be easy to follow and work up quickly. I'm sure I decreased somehow, and didn't always make the puff stitch part as long as the pattern called for, buy I'm still proud of them!

Here's him in his hat:

And all three Urban Jungle wannabes together:

Mine is the bluey/mustard Aran one, boy's is the black and White Aran, and the black acrylic dk is for boy's friend, more as me showing off and rising to a challenge than anything else!

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Hello again people of the internets. Bonjour toute le monde! That may not be 100% accurate, my French is a petit peu rusty.

I have nearly finished my commission ruffle scarf, in just a couple of days! And I had to go to work and run errands! My boyface says its time for me to start making stuff "professionally" now, which I choose to take as a compliment. However, as I told him, if I was doing I just for the money, I wouldn't want to do it anymore. Also, he decided that he doesn't want the hat I was making for him, so I now have a spare Caron Urban Jungle style hat in a 3-ply Aran (2 plies white, 1 black) that actually has a wool content (smells amazing) if any wants it. I was thinking of listing it on Etsy for £5. I'll get a pic up in a couple of days and hopefully get some feedback.
Speaking of amazing smelling yarn, a friend at work did a house clearance and gave me loads of vintage patterns (that still had prices like 2'6 on them!) and some random hanks of yarn. My favourite has to be a cream heavy dk/Aran that smells so strongly of sheep, I'm prepared to bet the poor deceased old lady spun it herself (the house was in rural N. Eire).
Here's a pic of it worked up in just dc, and the ball itself:

It's forming a lovely stiff fabric, but since I don't know how much I have exactly (probably less than 100g) I don't know what to make out of it. I was doing a ruffle scarf, but it's making up too stiff- the ruffles stand up on end!
Anyway, must dash again, crochet calls. Also, I have a cup of tea I don't want to get cold!

P.S: the docs have found a reason for my incredible back pain- I have something wrong with my kidneys. At least its something "real" that they can treat, eh?

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Thursday, 11 November 2010

More Blogging!

Well it's Remembrance Day, a day that makes me particularly sad, since my grandad was a soldier, like his dad before him. My grandad is thankfully still with us, but he saw horrible things on active service, like his friends getting shot yards away from him, terrorists hanging British army officers, not to mention his requests for leave to marry my nan being refused time after time. My great grandad had a horrible time of it too; he was gassed on Hill 60, sent home to recover and then redeployed back to Gallipoli. Luckily, he made it home too, but hardly mentioned his service. Not surprising.
During the two minute silence, I always take my poppy off, hold it and look at it while reciting 'In Flanders Field' in my head. It's my own way of paying my respects. This year I had trouble at work, since one of my colleagues continue to type throughout. I was absolutely livid that someone couldn't take two minutes out to pay respect to men who gave their lives for us. And the whole muslims burning poppies thing- absolutely disgusting. Vile.

In crochet news I have another commission (this time for a frilly neckwarmer) for when I've finished my other half's hat. I also have an ark full of animals to see up for the same lady's grandson.

I'm annoyed that for the second year running I've missed the NaNoWriMo! I even had an idea for this year! Oh well, I may still write it.

Here is a picture of my grandad, not even 20, on active service in Palestine. Today, more than any, I honour the sacrifice he and his fellow soldiers made for us, and acknowledge that men and women today are doing the same damn thing.

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Friday, 5 November 2010

Back Again!

Hah, tri-weekly blogging! Still not feeling 100% and I have to go to hospital on Monday and be poked and prodded under anaesthetic. Not looking forward.
Oh well, that's three days away yet. Riding first! I am going this week, even if it kills me! It was horrible last week not being in the lesson, just having to watch. At least I got to go "wrong diagonal" at my fellow students, which is a plus.
I finished my version of the Urban Jungle (Caron/Vickie Howell) yesterday as planned. Yay.

I've decided to do another Aran weight one, not for anyone in particular, just because they're relatively quick and simple to do.

Must dash, Cash keeps getting his head stuck in the gate :|

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Thursday, 4 November 2010


Completely off topic, I wanted to brag about my clear round in my first ever contest at our riding school. Here's me and my lovely Barney. Barney is a 14.2 hh Cleveland Bay X who is 17 this year, would you believe!

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See, I Can Blog Bi-Weekly!

Ok, I've started both my blanket commissions and both look pants! So now all I want to do is felt! I have a puff of Cheviot and my needles here, but all my stuff for wet felt is at my mum's in a box! And all I want to do is make another wall hanging :(
I suppose I could re-wet and try to set my nun scarf again... for some reason the roving will not stay stuck to the silk!

All being well, my Urban Jungle hat will be done today, so may update later if I manage to get it done. I also have chores to do. Blah. Can't I just be off sick and laze around?

Anyway, here's a pic of Domino reclining in her litter tray, as is her new pastime. Notice how she's only laying in the poop free part?!

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Monday, 1 November 2010

New Month, New Leaf

Ok, it's November and I've neglected this blog horribly over the last year, mainly from being busy at work. However at the moment I'm house-bound on doctors' orders (have a "fit note" saying I'm unfit to work due to me damaging a muscle/nerve in my neck [they don't know which yet] so not allowed to go to work) so this seems like as good a time as any to retry the "blog at least a couple of times a week" idea.

In personal news, bad neck aside, we're trying to move as our house is covered in mildew which is bad, not just for me and boyface's asthma and allergies respectively, but our big white house bun (Jaz) has allergies too!

All three buns are now inside, and as soon as Minibun is spayed (and Jaz stops trying to eat her) she can leave the pen and run free in the bunny room. All three are happy and healthy, Casho had a sore tummy and Mino some ear problems (but she came with those when I rescued her) but we're all happy and well now.

My best friend has had her baby. I predicted correctly, and on 09/10/2010 at 06:33 we welcomed baby Harvey Leonard Smith to the world. Here's a pic:

He is a happy, healthy, and quiet babe who enjoys snuggles and cuddles. He's my little mate now. Starting out at 7lb 6oz, he's gaining well and now weighs in at just over 8lb!

My other friend had her baby too, and on 20/10/2010, baby Shay Joseph La-Rocque came into the world- better late than never! Here he is too:

Little Shay was a tiny thing like his mama, weighing only 6lb 13oz.

I've completed a baby hat and blanket each for them now, so I'm focusing on bootie sockies for the mo (if I can ever make them small!) and finding cute new hats.

I've been commissioned to make a hat (like my interpretation of the Caron Urban Jungle hat) for baby Shay's daddy, so at least I'm keeping busy while I can't work!

My Urban Jungle in Patons Colour Works Aran shade 80:

The yarn is very greeny/turquoise/navy/mustard

Now I'm off to do more of J's Urban Jungle, so I'll leave you with a pic of my big bunnies "trick or treat"ing last night:

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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Still here...

Still here. Still alive. Still crocheting. Still me, only being tested for glandular fever and other things. My bunnies have moved indoors, and we have another tiny bun in the tribe now... love

My best friend has had her baby: Harvey Leonard Smith arrived on October 9th at 06:33am weighing 7lb 6oz. And I am crocheting madly for him... baby blankie done, winter warmers planned!

Sorry for the terse post, and sorry for the absenteeism...

Got to go, Cash has just upended a bowl on his head!

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

More Blogging

Hello again. Here I am. Eating Ass-Kickin' popcorn (burnt), drinking tea and crocheting this baby cardigan:

The back is done and one front is half finished. Another front to do, then two sleeves, collar and some finishing. I started it Saturday night and I've only been working it really in lunch st work, and probably not even an hour a night, so should work up nicely. Then I can get back to the stalled baby blankies and moley work.

Also, here's a pic of Jadzia and (J.R) Cash. It's sad for me that she's forgotten her sister, but I'm also happy that she's making a future with the little git that makes her happy.

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Monday, 9 August 2010

Here I am Again

Well here I be again. Still working on this baby cardi. Back is nearly done now.


As a lame explanation, I've not been online much as I've been having crippling migraines. I've had four in 2 wks.
I have an appointment to try and sort them out tomorrow- fingers crossed, will keep you posted.

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Sunday, 8 August 2010

I am going to blog again.

I am going to make the effort. I owe it to all the people who support me online.

I'm crocheting again. After losing Ezri, all I could do was work on my mourning blanket. Now I'm working on baby stuff for two of my friends who are both due in October.

Here are the baby blankets:

black/white for the one we know is a boy, coffee/cream for the unknown baeb.

I'm also currently working on an LBY cardi (little princess cardi?) for the boy. I think it's pretty gender neutral actually.
Here's my first bit (back):

Lovely and simple htr (hdc for you in the USA) across. Now that I'm crocheting a lot straighter and not so tight, it looks so much better!

I intend more bloginisation, please come back again...!

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Friday, 16 April 2010

Bad, bad blogger...

Yes, I have been a very bad blogger. Since I last blogged, I've finished a baby blanket, for the baby that has since arrived (this week), a ruffly scarf and lots of puddings and packets of crisps. No, I'm not pregnant and feeding up, I've been a bit low!

My baby bunny has been seriously ill- to the point that we thought we were going to lose her this week. Where her sister has been eating, gaining weight and being happy (bar one little knocked bonce), Ezri has been small, timid and snotty. We knew she had pasteurella ("snuffles") but after one of her routine jabs, she got really ill.

To cut a long and not very nice to recall story short, she ended up going in for surgery last Friday, but the vet didn't actually know exactly what he'd be removing. It turned out to be an abcess the size of a plum on her liver. He spayed her at the same time so she won't have to go through another horrible surgery, but she wasn't a happy bunny, to use the cliché.

She didn't pick up for days afterward, I've had to take time off work (boss not happy- do I care!?) and they're both living in at the moment. So there is mess where there shouldn't be. And their daddy is v. anal about tidy!

Anyway, here is a pic of my healthy fat bun (Jadzia) and her poorly sis Ezri- before and after her op.

If Jaz were a Seasick Steve song, she'd be Hobo Low!

Taking a walk in the sun the day before her op. Since she wasn't eating, this was how I spoiled her.

Poor snuff after her op- the little bald patch isn't even 1/4 of her entire shaved area.

I won't subject you to a pic of her y-incision (I kid you not, she looks like a zombunny) or her nasty abcess and it's goo.

Nice pics of crochet items soon, promise. Maybe later today?

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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Hi again...

I really want a DaNoches hat from, even though I could work something similar...

Anyhoo, we had some more snow today, and it made my journey to and from work quite a pain in anterior! But I'm in now, and working on a stripey hat for baby Kiwi- not his/her blankie like I really should!

Here be some pics of the snow in Essex/London today:

And there's kiwi baby's not yet finished stripey elf hat!

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Friday, 1 January 2010

First Post of 2010

Hello again...

My phone just ate my entire post. Joy. I'd been typing it for like 10 mins too! Damn!

The jist was that I've been a mite busy, I need to finish a moley to mail this week and remind people in my group to meet the ten day(ish) deadline- including me. I'm not good at meeting turnaround dates. What an awful modmother choice I was.

As it's new year's day, I felt like sharing my resolutions with you so you can help me if I fall down on them!

1) lose 14lb before 31st December 2010 in a safe, healthy way and trim up my chunkier bits.
2) save £10 a week in my savings account- and by year end 2010 I'll have £520!
3) look for a better paid job and do more training to make me more employable.
4) think of one happy thing daily (today's is that I have lots of great friends and loved-ones)
5) cut down my excessive spending! Luxuries and non-essentials are just that: not essential.

Also, I need to tidy, vet and chuck (read; "donate to charidee") my wardrobes and everywhere I store crap! But that's not really a resolution...

And hopefully I'll be able to finish the baby blankie I started in October before too much of 2010 has elapsed! Especially since baby bump Kiwi is due in 18 weeks!

It's not really brown, it's purple!

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