Friday, 1 January 2010

First Post of 2010

Hello again...

My phone just ate my entire post. Joy. I'd been typing it for like 10 mins too! Damn!

The jist was that I've been a mite busy, I need to finish a moley to mail this week and remind people in my group to meet the ten day(ish) deadline- including me. I'm not good at meeting turnaround dates. What an awful modmother choice I was.

As it's new year's day, I felt like sharing my resolutions with you so you can help me if I fall down on them!

1) lose 14lb before 31st December 2010 in a safe, healthy way and trim up my chunkier bits.
2) save £10 a week in my savings account- and by year end 2010 I'll have £520!
3) look for a better paid job and do more training to make me more employable.
4) think of one happy thing daily (today's is that I have lots of great friends and loved-ones)
5) cut down my excessive spending! Luxuries and non-essentials are just that: not essential.

Also, I need to tidy, vet and chuck (read; "donate to charidee") my wardrobes and everywhere I store crap! But that's not really a resolution...

And hopefully I'll be able to finish the baby blankie I started in October before too much of 2010 has elapsed! Especially since baby bump Kiwi is due in 18 weeks!

It's not really brown, it's purple!

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Leftover Halloween Candy said...

Um, hi! I'm Indigo, and I'm a little new to this website. Your blog is the first blog I've commented on! I was just searching for people who have things in common with me and were also somewhat close to my age. I'll probably read more of your entries and comment on those, too. ^___^

Leslie said...

Resolutions are easier when they are more in the way of guidelines. Great phone, sorry your phone at your 1st one...