Sunday, 13 December 2009

Cardiff Cowl

It's finished because I ran out of yarn on row 8/10 (or rather, 18 of 20) but I don't think it notices... Maybe?

I gave it a wash to see if dye was leaching out- pictures speak for themselves. I wanted to give it a fourth wash through but it looked like it was starting to felt/full itself so I had to stop.

Anyway, judge me as you see fit- including the world's worst pic of me for some time/aka/the best pic of me eyebags and spottiness (karma bites me in the arse again, damn relatively spot free teen tears) known to man!


Does this ^ look felty to you? Should I shave it? ;)

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Leslie said...

With a rusty razor, my dear one!

Wowser, that was some orange!

talumirage said...

I know right! It's not even particularly orange toned woolliness!