Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Hand Dyed!

My hand dyed yarn, woo! The green is 2x lemon/lime, burgundy is 1 jamaica + 1 cherry flavor aid, lighter orange is 1 mandarina/tangerine + 1 strawberry/kiwi and the darker orange is 1 mandarina/ tangerine + 1 watermelon/cherry. Mmm!

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Sunday, 20 September 2009

Kool Aid Dying!

Well, my 'speriment is over! I have two skeins drying and two ready balled and ready to work!

(Pics coming soon)

1. Lemon/Lime Kool Aid x2
2. 1x Mandarina-Tangerine + 1x Strawberry-Kiwi Kool Aid
3. 1x Mandarina-Tangerine + 1x Watermelon-Cherry Kool Aid
4. 1x Jamaica Kool Aid + 1x Cherry Flavor Aid

So now I want more colours! Anyone in the US who feels like being a good samaritan, send me some Kool Aid pouches! (plz)

Sunday, 13 September 2009

I am such a bad blogger!

Ok its been forever and a day since I last blogged.

If I had regular followers, I probably don't now! I'm sorry, please come back, please please!

Ok so I've got to catch you up on my boring life over the last two months!

Work is still as it was, I work 8.30-5ish every day for my money and they get their money's worth out of me! I've been regularly doing work of the grade above me, but not getting paid for it. Maybe I can get TDA'd up... hehehe!

I'm still crocheting away, nothing can squish that out of me! I've made a scarf out of Jet (shade 9, a reddypinkyorangey shade that I can't find any pictures of online!) that uses my grid pattern, which I'll get round to posting up, maybe when I get to the end of the post! Its really really easy, and can be shimmied about to change the size of hook or yarn type! I'll have a look for where I wrote it down and see if I can write it up today in case anyone wants to have a go!

My Miski scarf is on hold at the moment, as I need to order two more balls of wool to finish it! It feels wonderful and smooshy and cuddly! When I'm on the big PC I'll get some newer photos up, but alas, you'll have to look at my rav projects for now (click the link at Miski up there to go see).

My scallop stitch scarf is still in progress because it's become a behemoth and is trying to strangle me whenever I pick it up! Either way, you can check the monster scarf out by clicking its name!

My Spirit scarf is still being done too, I have so many WIPs on the go, its untrue!

I bought some lovely white wool for Kool Aid dying- alas, I has lost my Kool Aid! I'm going to order a couple of packets from Kool Aid World and then I can play at dying! Yay!

I had a birthday last week (Sept 7th) and got lots of lovely presents and wishes. Gina's present turned up yesterday and she'd knitted me an OCTYPUS! OMG! I loves teh octies! Thankyou Gina! THANKYOU! Ok, well I better get on I suppose, have to order some Kool Aid and orgasmic Miski yarn and then bake some cakes for mummy's birthday tomorrow. I wrapped her present this morning before she got out of bed, so its a big surprise! I'll show you what I've got her though! I got her this purse in brown/pink so it sort of matches the one she bought me for my graduation!

Thanks for tuning in again! Loves to you all!