Sunday, 20 September 2009

Kool Aid Dying!

Well, my 'speriment is over! I have two skeins drying and two ready balled and ready to work!

(Pics coming soon)

1. Lemon/Lime Kool Aid x2
2. 1x Mandarina-Tangerine + 1x Strawberry-Kiwi Kool Aid
3. 1x Mandarina-Tangerine + 1x Watermelon-Cherry Kool Aid
4. 1x Jamaica Kool Aid + 1x Cherry Flavor Aid

So now I want more colours! Anyone in the US who feels like being a good samaritan, send me some Kool Aid pouches! (plz)


Leslie said...

Really I hopw you are not dying from using Kool-Aid to dye with. I wanna see pics!

Roberta Fleck said...

You know Talumirage, I could *never* get the hang of crochet. Shame, because some of my favourite dresses have been crocheted... could have saved myself a packet with just a little application.

Oh well, there's always the trusty binliner, I suppose...

Good luck with the dying (that's not come out how I meant it to - but you know what I mean)