Saturday, 31 October 2009

New Kool Aid Dying!

I've been a little busy bee today, making three new KA yarns. I've made 100grammes of bicoloured wool yarn and 50grammes of sploshy wool yarn. Here are the pics!

Two skeins of what I'm calling "Blood Orange", what with it being Samhain and all! The red side is one pouch each of lemonade and black cherry Kool Aid and one of cherry Flavor Aid. The orange side is done from one pouch of orange Kool Aid.

And this one, I'm thinking of calling "Blurple"! Mixed up from one pouch each of grape and blue raspberry lemonade Kool Aid (I think that's what it's called!)...

And this is what happens when you lick up neat grape Kool Aid powder...

Urgh! Hehe!

And here's a pic of me on a horse for the first time in at least 15 years! Kali is 16.2hh, so not a small one to start on! Not a brill pic (a photo of a photo!) but I wanna get it up on facebook soon so you'll be able to see better!

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Tuesday, 27 October 2009

New things

Yes, still working on things. Really want to show off Helen LPGs homey moley gifts but don't want to spoil the surprise! Also I forgot to get a pic of one of them... Um, lil help please girlfriend? Package is on it's way, promise!

I whipped up a simple beanie for a guy at work in Wendy Mode and he loved it so much he paid me £5 for it! Yay! And he wants another one done in grey! I forsee a stashdive and possible ballspedition! I hope to get a pic of him in it at work tomorrow.

Still working on the baby blanket, the pram set and fluff blanket (curse curse evil yarn) too for poor mama kiwi who slipped in a hotel shower this weekend and dislocated her knee! Poor love! And because she's enciente (as they say en France), she's not allowed to take pain meds! Get better! And sue the arse off those no slip mat providing arses!

Anyhoo, here be pics...

Gigantical red beanie for a friend at work. No credit for this one, all mama's work!

Hand felted lavender bags made with lavender from ma jardin!

Assorted fluff goodies from the UKRAK over at ravelry! Thanks ehalks!

Beads from PMCblonde in the UKRAK! Thanks!

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Monday, 19 October 2009

Sicky :(

I got sent home from work ill, feeling quite quite awful and managed to get an emergency doctors appointment. Turns out I've had a migraine for two days, not an aneurism or something awful, which is a relief except that I didn't know I had them. I guess it explains the bad headaches I've had in the past?

I now allegedly have a sinus infection too- three big old amoxicillin tabs a day for ten days. Agh for impending illness because of the antibollocks.

So here is a picture of my dinner. Are you all jealous?

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Sunday, 18 October 2009

The habitual whinge blog!

I have a head pain that feels like someone is intermittently prodding me brain on the left hand side above my ear. Owchie. Got a bit worried for a while because my vision went all shimmery like a heat haze for a little bit! That's gone now but the headache persists. Bloop.

Also, trying to finish my Miski scarf, starting a new pram blankie for baba in Sirdar Snuggly Snowflake. Finished a banana silk hat experiment too, yay! Then I opened and looked in my WIP bag and got depressed that I still have to finish two scarves for myself, the baby jacket to match the yellow bonnet I made (with my birthday wool from my sexy homegirl Gina SleepyEyes), the Miski scarf, the purple blankie, the fuzzy Snowflake blankie, start another banana silk hat, another Big Softie hat, and a Palette clearance yarn hat... All for me! Ugh!

And I still need to finish poor Helen (LPG's) homecoming moley gift! Ack!

'Sunny Disposition' bonnet.

Banana silk hat experiment.

Mirasol Miski scarf for me! <3 soft soft soft!

Snowflake blankie, hardly started! Thanks mama leg for modelling hehe!

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Friday, 16 October 2009


I lolcat-ed one of the Timber pups at the zoo! He didn't see his sister work out how to get meaty treats out, bless him! I know he doesn't look much like a puppy, but he and his sibs are only a couple of years old! Pics of mama Tallulah and other zoo residents (including Zamba the new baba White rhino!) will be going up soon, hopefully on facebook if it'll let me!

Still working on the baby blanket... le sigh

Thursday, 15 October 2009


I made a couple of feltiez to make into lavender bags as handmade Christmas things! I mean, they'll need to be divided up to make smaller bags, but I'm quite happy with them! Though I think that they might need some additional needling... Check 'em out!

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Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Working hard...

This is how the blankie looks so far. Yay. The light isn't great, so it's too dark and not purple enough. Yay.

Only a short post today, me and the Mr. aren't feeling the country love right now so we're both a bit grumply. Anyone have a sofa we can come live on? UK residents need not apply.

Also, my iPhone has turned itself upside-down, rather than horizontal how I like to type! Naughty iPhy! Clever girl... (what movie does that come from?)

Later Additions:

1) I wish I hadn't handled those red curry paste jars in the supermarket (one leaked on me) - despite four/five hand washes, I stink. Urgh. I smell like urgh.

2) I'm going the zoo (google Colchester Zoo) on Friday avec mama, yarrr! Day off! Woot!

3) I forgot to show you my beautiful glass pendants from trmackstudio over @ etsy! ( Quite, quite stunning, and reasonably priced! Couldn't decide between the twain, so got both! Perfect reflection of my dual personality! How lovely!

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Project updates!

The evil sari silk scarf is finally done! Woo hoo! Picture to follow... Ugh, jumpin Jehosaphat it was an evil yarn. Mama had to take over, the knots and general weird smell put me right off! I think it'll need a scrubbydub and a felt lavender bag in the box before it goes to it's new home! I'm determined to get a fancypants box for it, rather than paper wrapping it.

Also, I'm working a surprise gift of a baby blankie (which you might know if you read my facebook updates) for my friend who's just a little bit pregnant (10 weeks); so I've got lots of time to finish it either before Christmas (2 months) or before baba comes to meet us (about 6 months by my rough reckoning)... I haven't started getting broody, I just love making baby clothes and bits!

Also, still need a home for that button-up scarf... hint hint! ;)

Finished evilsilk scarf (made from 100% pure evil)...

Blankie to be in my big bag! Cute, no?

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Saturday, 10 October 2009

Rejection, ack...

Okay, first taste of professional crochet rejection... turns out the guy who wanted the button up collarette doesn't like it. It's too short and the colours look like "old lady colours"! Cheek! I picked those two shades especially, and it's not like Zena is a crappy yarn- it's wool and alpaca! Oh well, these things are sent to try me. Have to try again in a natural iron/chocolate/noir fleece yarn. It won't be nearly as cheap though- Hobbycraft is selling some yarns off cheap again. I hope this doesn't mean the death knell for half the decent yarns I like!

So yeah, the 'Forest Walk Scarf' is now for sale. The equivalent of £5 ($3 US /$3 Can /€5) plus p&p, which will probably add the same again on top... bargain! Please someone buy it, it's too lovely to sit around in my fini-bin!

The pic really doesn't do it justice!

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Thursday, 8 October 2009

Another New Project...

Not a commission this time, just birthday presents. The beginnings of a sari silk scarf to be done by the end of October, and a fuzzy hat that needs to be done by the end of November. What do you

Fuzzy hat worked in three strands of Palette series 093pt/219 in shade 'Pink Berries' (100% wool) for a friend-colleague.

And the evil sari silk mess that's being worked on a 7mm hook cuz it's such a pain... and looks like it might be lang syne before it's done... I hope not, I haven't got the time! (Sari silk from

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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Commissions and Various Silks

As promised, pictures of both sari and banana silk as well as an update on my commissions.

I've selected a pattern, and a bright scarlet acrylic yarn for the beret, so all I need to do is make it!

My friend's birthday is in roughly two weeks, so I need a quick an easy scarf recipe for like now! Help! Anybody?

I'm working on my manly collar because it's a nice easy 'brain switch off' pattern without a firm 'finish by' date. It's niiice!

Anyway, here are the pics!

Banana silk!

Sari silk, allegedly turquoise!

Manly coloured collar; fail or win colour-wise?

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Sunday, 4 October 2009

New Commissions!

Hello wonderful friends, followers and faces from the winternet. I have a cold again. I thought it was going, but then I got rained on.

I went to my friend's mum's 'last chemotherapy session' party last night. It was such a lovely atmosphere since the last 20 months have been so terrible for everyone involved in the diagnosis and successful treatment of her breast cancer. I remember this time last year, my friend and her sister were shaving their mum's gorgeous hair off, and I was threatening to do the same to raise money for Breast Cancer Care...

My friend was 10 weeks pregnant yesterday- is it too soon to start crocheting baba clothes? She's the mama of a kiwi fruit sized baba!

Also, back on topic, I've been handed two commissions- a manly collarette and a scarlet or turquoise lady's beret, both for people at work. Isn't that brilliant!?

I'm also waiting on a delivery of some recycled sari silk yarn to make my friend at work a lovely winter scarf for her birthday at the end of October.

I am a happy Lini for the time being... despite the lurgy!

Later note- have started the manly collarette in double strands of Zena; one green/cream and the other sepia/cream and it is FLUFFY! Can't remember actual shade #s right now, will update when I'm not in bed at ten to midnight, and 6 1/2 hours of sleep seems an amazing prize. How much sleep will I win tonight? Place your bets...

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