Saturday, 10 October 2009

Rejection, ack...

Okay, first taste of professional crochet rejection... turns out the guy who wanted the button up collarette doesn't like it. It's too short and the colours look like "old lady colours"! Cheek! I picked those two shades especially, and it's not like Zena is a crappy yarn- it's wool and alpaca! Oh well, these things are sent to try me. Have to try again in a natural iron/chocolate/noir fleece yarn. It won't be nearly as cheap though- Hobbycraft is selling some yarns off cheap again. I hope this doesn't mean the death knell for half the decent yarns I like!

So yeah, the 'Forest Walk Scarf' is now for sale. The equivalent of £5 ($3 US /$3 Can /€5) plus p&p, which will probably add the same again on top... bargain! Please someone buy it, it's too lovely to sit around in my fini-bin!

The pic really doesn't do it justice!

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Leslie said...

Me\n, nearly as bad as brides in the mind changing dept.

talumirage said...

Tell me about it! So now I have another scarf to try and home! Poo!