Tuesday, 27 October 2009

New things

Yes, still working on things. Really want to show off Helen LPGs homey moley gifts but don't want to spoil the surprise! Also I forgot to get a pic of one of them... Um, lil help please girlfriend? Package is on it's way, promise!

I whipped up a simple beanie for a guy at work in Wendy Mode and he loved it so much he paid me £5 for it! Yay! And he wants another one done in grey! I forsee a stashdive and possible ballspedition! I hope to get a pic of him in it at work tomorrow.

Still working on the baby blanket, the pram set and fluff blanket (curse curse evil yarn) too for poor mama kiwi who slipped in a hotel shower this weekend and dislocated her knee! Poor love! And because she's enciente (as they say en France), she's not allowed to take pain meds! Get better! And sue the arse off those no slip mat providing arses!

Anyhoo, here be pics...

Gigantical red beanie for a friend at work. No credit for this one, all mama's work!

Hand felted lavender bags made with lavender from ma jardin!

Assorted fluff goodies from the UKRAK over at ravelry! Thanks ehalks!

Beads from PMCblonde in the UKRAK! Thanks!

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