Sunday, 18 October 2009

The habitual whinge blog!

I have a head pain that feels like someone is intermittently prodding me brain on the left hand side above my ear. Owchie. Got a bit worried for a while because my vision went all shimmery like a heat haze for a little bit! That's gone now but the headache persists. Bloop.

Also, trying to finish my Miski scarf, starting a new pram blankie for baba in Sirdar Snuggly Snowflake. Finished a banana silk hat experiment too, yay! Then I opened and looked in my WIP bag and got depressed that I still have to finish two scarves for myself, the baby jacket to match the yellow bonnet I made (with my birthday wool from my sexy homegirl Gina SleepyEyes), the Miski scarf, the purple blankie, the fuzzy Snowflake blankie, start another banana silk hat, another Big Softie hat, and a Palette clearance yarn hat... All for me! Ugh!

And I still need to finish poor Helen (LPG's) homecoming moley gift! Ack!

'Sunny Disposition' bonnet.

Banana silk hat experiment.

Mirasol Miski scarf for me! <3 soft soft soft!

Snowflake blankie, hardly started! Thanks mama leg for modelling hehe!

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Leslie said...

All KEWL! Get checked for migraines, vision issues are a real bell ringer for them..