Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Working hard...

This is how the blankie looks so far. Yay. The light isn't great, so it's too dark and not purple enough. Yay.

Only a short post today, me and the Mr. aren't feeling the country love right now so we're both a bit grumply. Anyone have a sofa we can come live on? UK residents need not apply.

Also, my iPhone has turned itself upside-down, rather than horizontal how I like to type! Naughty iPhy! Clever girl... (what movie does that come from?)

Later Additions:

1) I wish I hadn't handled those red curry paste jars in the supermarket (one leaked on me) - despite four/five hand washes, I stink. Urgh. I smell like urgh.

2) I'm going the zoo (google Colchester Zoo) on Friday avec mama, yarrr! Day off! Woot!

3) I forgot to show you my beautiful glass pendants from trmackstudio over @ etsy! (trmackstudio.etsy.com) Quite, quite stunning, and reasonably priced! Couldn't decide between the twain, so got both! Perfect reflection of my dual personality! How lovely!

1 comment:

Leslie said...

Scrub with salt and lemon juice for the smell of red?