Sunday, 11 October 2009

Project updates!

The evil sari silk scarf is finally done! Woo hoo! Picture to follow... Ugh, jumpin Jehosaphat it was an evil yarn. Mama had to take over, the knots and general weird smell put me right off! I think it'll need a scrubbydub and a felt lavender bag in the box before it goes to it's new home! I'm determined to get a fancypants box for it, rather than paper wrapping it.

Also, I'm working a surprise gift of a baby blankie (which you might know if you read my facebook updates) for my friend who's just a little bit pregnant (10 weeks); so I've got lots of time to finish it either before Christmas (2 months) or before baba comes to meet us (about 6 months by my rough reckoning)... I haven't started getting broody, I just love making baby clothes and bits!

Also, still need a home for that button-up scarf... hint hint! ;)

Finished evilsilk scarf (made from 100% pure evil)...

Blankie to be in my big bag! Cute, no?

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Leslie said...

Congrats for prevailing over evil. You are triumphant!