Sunday, 4 October 2009

New Commissions!

Hello wonderful friends, followers and faces from the winternet. I have a cold again. I thought it was going, but then I got rained on.

I went to my friend's mum's 'last chemotherapy session' party last night. It was such a lovely atmosphere since the last 20 months have been so terrible for everyone involved in the diagnosis and successful treatment of her breast cancer. I remember this time last year, my friend and her sister were shaving their mum's gorgeous hair off, and I was threatening to do the same to raise money for Breast Cancer Care...

My friend was 10 weeks pregnant yesterday- is it too soon to start crocheting baba clothes? She's the mama of a kiwi fruit sized baba!

Also, back on topic, I've been handed two commissions- a manly collarette and a scarlet or turquoise lady's beret, both for people at work. Isn't that brilliant!?

I'm also waiting on a delivery of some recycled sari silk yarn to make my friend at work a lovely winter scarf for her birthday at the end of October.

I am a happy Lini for the time being... despite the lurgy!

Later note- have started the manly collarette in double strands of Zena; one green/cream and the other sepia/cream and it is FLUFFY! Can't remember actual shade #s right now, will update when I'm not in bed at ten to midnight, and 6 1/2 hours of sleep seems an amazing prize. How much sleep will I win tonight? Place your bets...

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Leslie said...

Sound like a wonderful thing! STAY HEALTHY!

talumirage said...

Sari silk got here and man is it tangly when you unskein it. I think it's overspun. Collarette is looking good and at least I've found a nice beret pattern. That might have to be a post sari scarf thing though.

Slightly miffed that I quite blatantly ordered a turquoise sari silk and ended up with 2 knotty, snarly skeins of minty dark green. But the site covers themself by saying that the yarn will have colour variations! That's ridiculous!

Will attempt to iblog some pics tomo, including my banana silk skeins that are destined to be two openwork hats, at least one of which will be for me me me!