Thursday, 4 November 2010

See, I Can Blog Bi-Weekly!

Ok, I've started both my blanket commissions and both look pants! So now all I want to do is felt! I have a puff of Cheviot and my needles here, but all my stuff for wet felt is at my mum's in a box! And all I want to do is make another wall hanging :(
I suppose I could re-wet and try to set my nun scarf again... for some reason the roving will not stay stuck to the silk!

All being well, my Urban Jungle hat will be done today, so may update later if I manage to get it done. I also have chores to do. Blah. Can't I just be off sick and laze around?

Anyway, here's a pic of Domino reclining in her litter tray, as is her new pastime. Notice how she's only laying in the poop free part?!

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