Thursday, 11 November 2010

More Blogging!

Well it's Remembrance Day, a day that makes me particularly sad, since my grandad was a soldier, like his dad before him. My grandad is thankfully still with us, but he saw horrible things on active service, like his friends getting shot yards away from him, terrorists hanging British army officers, not to mention his requests for leave to marry my nan being refused time after time. My great grandad had a horrible time of it too; he was gassed on Hill 60, sent home to recover and then redeployed back to Gallipoli. Luckily, he made it home too, but hardly mentioned his service. Not surprising.
During the two minute silence, I always take my poppy off, hold it and look at it while reciting 'In Flanders Field' in my head. It's my own way of paying my respects. This year I had trouble at work, since one of my colleagues continue to type throughout. I was absolutely livid that someone couldn't take two minutes out to pay respect to men who gave their lives for us. And the whole muslims burning poppies thing- absolutely disgusting. Vile.

In crochet news I have another commission (this time for a frilly neckwarmer) for when I've finished my other half's hat. I also have an ark full of animals to see up for the same lady's grandson.

I'm annoyed that for the second year running I've missed the NaNoWriMo! I even had an idea for this year! Oh well, I may still write it.

Here is a picture of my grandad, not even 20, on active service in Palestine. Today, more than any, I honour the sacrifice he and his fellow soldiers made for us, and acknowledge that men and women today are doing the same damn thing.

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