Monday, 1 November 2010

New Month, New Leaf

Ok, it's November and I've neglected this blog horribly over the last year, mainly from being busy at work. However at the moment I'm house-bound on doctors' orders (have a "fit note" saying I'm unfit to work due to me damaging a muscle/nerve in my neck [they don't know which yet] so not allowed to go to work) so this seems like as good a time as any to retry the "blog at least a couple of times a week" idea.

In personal news, bad neck aside, we're trying to move as our house is covered in mildew which is bad, not just for me and boyface's asthma and allergies respectively, but our big white house bun (Jaz) has allergies too!

All three buns are now inside, and as soon as Minibun is spayed (and Jaz stops trying to eat her) she can leave the pen and run free in the bunny room. All three are happy and healthy, Casho had a sore tummy and Mino some ear problems (but she came with those when I rescued her) but we're all happy and well now.

My best friend has had her baby. I predicted correctly, and on 09/10/2010 at 06:33 we welcomed baby Harvey Leonard Smith to the world. Here's a pic:

He is a happy, healthy, and quiet babe who enjoys snuggles and cuddles. He's my little mate now. Starting out at 7lb 6oz, he's gaining well and now weighs in at just over 8lb!

My other friend had her baby too, and on 20/10/2010, baby Shay Joseph La-Rocque came into the world- better late than never! Here he is too:

Little Shay was a tiny thing like his mama, weighing only 6lb 13oz.

I've completed a baby hat and blanket each for them now, so I'm focusing on bootie sockies for the mo (if I can ever make them small!) and finding cute new hats.

I've been commissioned to make a hat (like my interpretation of the Caron Urban Jungle hat) for baby Shay's daddy, so at least I'm keeping busy while I can't work!

My Urban Jungle in Patons Colour Works Aran shade 80:

The yarn is very greeny/turquoise/navy/mustard

Now I'm off to do more of J's Urban Jungle, so I'll leave you with a pic of my big bunnies "trick or treat"ing last night:

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