Friday, 16 April 2010

Bad, bad blogger...

Yes, I have been a very bad blogger. Since I last blogged, I've finished a baby blanket, for the baby that has since arrived (this week), a ruffly scarf and lots of puddings and packets of crisps. No, I'm not pregnant and feeding up, I've been a bit low!

My baby bunny has been seriously ill- to the point that we thought we were going to lose her this week. Where her sister has been eating, gaining weight and being happy (bar one little knocked bonce), Ezri has been small, timid and snotty. We knew she had pasteurella ("snuffles") but after one of her routine jabs, she got really ill.

To cut a long and not very nice to recall story short, she ended up going in for surgery last Friday, but the vet didn't actually know exactly what he'd be removing. It turned out to be an abcess the size of a plum on her liver. He spayed her at the same time so she won't have to go through another horrible surgery, but she wasn't a happy bunny, to use the cliché.

She didn't pick up for days afterward, I've had to take time off work (boss not happy- do I care!?) and they're both living in at the moment. So there is mess where there shouldn't be. And their daddy is v. anal about tidy!

Anyway, here is a pic of my healthy fat bun (Jadzia) and her poorly sis Ezri- before and after her op.

If Jaz were a Seasick Steve song, she'd be Hobo Low!

Taking a walk in the sun the day before her op. Since she wasn't eating, this was how I spoiled her.

Poor snuff after her op- the little bald patch isn't even 1/4 of her entire shaved area.

I won't subject you to a pic of her y-incision (I kid you not, she looks like a zombunny) or her nasty abcess and it's goo.

Nice pics of crochet items soon, promise. Maybe later today?

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Leslie said...

Lovely bunnies, not so lovely story for the Ezi.. girl. Thanks for sharing it tho.