Sunday, 19 July 2009

post holiday blues

I've only been back since 3am and already I'm depressed! It's all horrible weathery here! It didn't drop below 24 oC all week in Turkey (even at night!)- its not even 20 oC here!

I'm trying to wait patiently for all my pics to upload to photobox so I can print them cheaply BUT THERE'S SOO MANY! Also, facebook is being a whore's son and won't let me upload any.

Here are some, just to make you all so jealous. :P

Cold Spring Bay.

"Cleopatra's Baths" (Hamam) island.

Me & Marko on top of a mountain at Kayaköy village.
(The sea behind is coming in at Ölüdeniz beach)

Me & Marky on the beach at Butterfly Valley.

Me and Mark (again) on the beach at Butterfly Valley.

Disgustingly jealous yet?


Leslie said...

Yes (1)

Frewen said...

Looks like you had a lovely time - your man can't stop tickling your skulls though can he ;)

SleepyEyes said...

Cold spring bag - gorgeous. I love that water!!

Bathing suit on you - so cute!

Blues - a big hug. I know what you mean....