Thursday, 22 December 2011


One of the reasons I stopped updating this blog is purely because I lost the joy of creating things for other people.
After continually not even getting a thankyou for the hat/scarf/blanket I'd spent time, and money creating, I decided that I'd cut the amount of crocheted items I'd gift to people. Same with sewn, felted, painted etc etc.
I think that when you spend 30 hours+ crocheting a baby blanket, you impart a little of yourself into the item. Not literally, that would be gross. People don't understand the labour of love that is behind hand made stuff, especially when they can buy "just as good" in the local tat peddler.
Since my last update, my output has dwindled to next to nothing. I'm mainly creating things for me, and messing around with stitches and patterns, and doing a lot of reading crochet theory and patterns without actually doing any. I've also gone back to sewing felt things, something else people profess to love but will never pay for.
When I take an order from someone, I consider how much it's going to cost in yarn, then I add a little bit on top for the hours of my life I'll use making the thing, I don't add tax, VAT, duty or a huge profit on the things. Most things I make, I barely break even:- thus why I have a "proper" job where I work 36h a week, not including the almost 10h a week traveling to/fro (which, btw costs me £2016 a year).
The last commission I took, my partner in crime (mum) actually took to completion as I was too depressed by the requester's attitude to do it. My attitude became "fuck it, she's not given me any money up front, I'll tell her to suck one". The person in question wanted a baby blanket, finished in a couple of weeks, for less than £15. The baby yarn itself cost me £19. She asked me every day if it was done yet. She refused to pay an extra £5 to cover the three extra balls of yarn I had to buy. If she had, I'd have probably wrapped the thing up beautifully, as I am wont to do with my hand crochet presents. And now she's asking me what else we can make her to give as gifts, and I really don't know what to say...

So there you have it, my explanation for radio silence.

Moral of the story:- if you commission a hand made item, be aware you could have to pay a little more than you first thought, and be a bit patient! If that doesn't appeal, buy your baby sweaters in GAP.

And don't ask me to make something, slag me off, refuse to pay for it and then moan at, and about me, as being called a miserable c u next Tuesday often offends :)

Happy Yule
Merry Christmas
Happy Chanukah
Season's Greetings

... oh sod off and leave me humbug-y!

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Leslie said...

Oy vey, I so get what you are saying and I totally understand the sentiments.

Rohini Sharma said...

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