Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Éirinn go Brách!


or, rather; “Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig oraibh”- St. Patrick's day blessings to you all in Gaelige (Gaelic).

As I am a little bit Irish, I thought I'd wear a green frilly sweater to work today, and tie a green bow in my hair. So I did. And I must say, I think I look rather fetching! :D The one I tied around my wrist has fallen off, so I've tied it around my mug handle, where it also looks rather fetching!

I am still crafting, don't worry, I haven't become a mindless automaton in the world of work. I made a nuno felt scarf for the first time on Saturday, and was quite pleased with the results! It looked quite funky! I wouldn't wear it myself because it's pink and purple, but I hope the BFF (it's for her birthday) will, because she LOVES pink! I've ordered (I think?) 100g of green/yellow merino and silk roving from World of Wool to make one for myself- then we'll see how it turns out now that I know what I'm doing!

I did get some pictures of it, but as yet haven't been on a PC with a SD card slot! It's really annoying, cuz I know at least two or three people really want to take a dekko at it! (Dekko means look in Essex slang) Not to mention the baby onesie that I'm about half way through... saying that, it is in my ravelry projects...

Either way, I'll try and get the pics up soon! And hopefully I'll finish my Mirasol Miski scarf soon... maybe... I think I need more woolies... maybe it'll be an installment plan scarf!

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Leslie said...

I want to see the green frilly sweater and I want to see the nuno scarf, hurry, hurry...