Friday, 27 March 2009

agonies and packages

I've been a lucky girl the last few days- lots of RAKs!

Alas today, I was woken up in agony at 5am- it felt like I was being crushed and stung at the same time in my chest and back. It hurt so bad I actually cried. I couldn't even take my reliever inhaler because it hurt too much to breathe in deeply... long story short, I've been prodded, poked, tapped, had my chest listened to, had an E.C.G and now I have to go for a chest x-ray in an hour. Oh joy and wonder.

Anyway, here's some pics of my recent RAKS:Yellow UK RAK (March) Random Act of Kindness from Kris.

A US care package from the wondeful DMXOX- the taffy is now down to two pieces, one of which I MUST save for the boy... please send more ;) Also, I've never had a Twizzler that wasn't red, so this will be fun! Especially when I eat the blue one... blue colouring= craaazy Lini!

A close-up of my hot sauces from DMXOX- Tabasco (<3), Mega Death sauce and Kick Ass sauce... can't wait for chilli night to try them!

And my lovely RAK from Gina, another of the fabulous Chicklets. I only wanted the Crochet Today mag! ;)

I have been well and truly spoiled and I feel truly blessed. Thankyou everyone.


Leslie said...

Jealous (1)

I surely hope to God that you feel better.

SleepyEyes said...

Wow, you got some great stuff! So glad you liked what I sent. I LOVE buying and sending packages : )

I really hope you feel better, too.

talumirage said...

Thankyou again Gina, it's such a lovely parcel o'goodies! I intend to have a little play with some of the fluff this weekend! I'm trying to learn drop spindle spinning (first attempt is a bit oogly) so maybe I can work some of the loveliness into my spinning attempt!

Also, Kool Aid dying when the weather is a bit nicer I think!