Friday, 17 April 2009


... literally! I've got two cotton vests in nasty (peach tangeriney) and boring (grey... sigh) colours that I decided to dye!

I checked that they were both 100% cotton (mmm cotton) and got hold of two pouches of Dylon dye to make them funky! I may also do some more customising afterwards.

I chose to mix together one pouch of Flamingo Pink and one of Intense Violet make a nice purpley pinky. I like purple on me, I think it makes my eyes look greener.

Here are the process photos for you all (stay tuned for hilarious thumbs!):Dye mix- isn't it exciting!The boring and nasty vests in their pre-soak.Getting 'blooded' in the dyebath! Little did I know that there were teeny glove holes!After 15mins of soaking, the grey one is still greyish.The nasty orange-ish one after 15mins, getting purpley-er!After half an hour total, the grey one is still grey, but I *swear* it looks slightly purple?After half an hour, the orangey one starts to exhibit a much nicer hue!I'm convinced that the grey one is changing colour (45minutes in the dyebath)Getting quite pleased with the colour that the peach one's turned (after 45mins)

Two final pictures for the moment, both the vests after an hour being sloshed about in their dyebath (aka, the kitchen sink):
I'll get some pics of them rinsed out and drying a little later on, promise!

And don't think I'd forgotten about the hilarious thumb:
AWW YEAH! I am the coolest mofo in town right now! Er, now, any ideas how to return my digits to their original hue?


Leslie said...

Has the grey one dried and taken on a purple hue yet. I think the tangerine one turn out to be a great colour. So did your thumb, LOL.

Try a lemon juice and salt scrub. Other than that, it will wear off.

talumirage said...

My thumb= sexiness itself!

I really should get round to addressing all the comments on the blog here... I've been very lax (and ill, and depressed) lately but I WILL sort that out!

*Linipants awaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!*

SleepyEyes said...

Those are the best pics ever! And the BEST purple thumb!