Monday, 10 November 2008

christmas crochet

Ok, this Christmas I'm poor. Poorer than when I was a poor student. Now I'm a poor unemployed graduate. What does this have to do with crochet you ask? AHA! I have lots of wool. And I mean lots- my mother and I (both hookers :D) buy yarn like it's gonna fall off the face of the earth- we have a double wardrobe at home, and the bottom is full of bags of wool. Acrylic wool, mohair, angora, alpaca etc etc... so, this year I've set myself a challenge. With my mother's help, everyone is getting a crocheted Christmas present. She's really quick at working up crochet, so she's helping me.

So far, we've finished:
My mum-in-law's (hat, my own pattern)
My sis-in-law's (hat, my own pattern)
My best friend's (Rasta bag hat, modified version of an internet pattern that I'm still looking for again!)
My other best friend's (scarf, "Dave 2.0 Scarf" pattern from
My other best friend's (wristlets, "Openwork Wrist Warmers" I think from

In the process of finishing:
My grandparents-in-law (shell pattern tea cosy, from an old book)

Still to do:
My other half (WHAT THOUGH? And he's still getting Iron Man on DVD)
My dad-n-law (I'm thinking a beanie?)
Cousin 1
Cousin 2
Cousin 2's toddler
Cousin 2's hubby
Another friend
Another friend
My friend (now penfriend) in the USA
My godmum

I will update the list, and I will make an effort to get pictures and links for the patterns soon!

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