Monday, 24 November 2008


It snowed here yesterday. It was a pathetic amount, but at least it tried. Shame that by 11am it was absolutely bucketing down with rain- all the snow was gone :( I didn't even get a chance to play in it (because I was playing Pokemon Pearl in my warm bed!)...

It's FREEZING in the EH house today as the heating has packed up. Grandad was meant to ring the heating people about 7 weeks ago when the heating thingy (boiler? I don't know, I'm not a plumber) started making annoying noises (it's right next to the sofa where my mum and I crochet -in a cupboard- so we noticed it) and now it's packed it in! Great! I bet he feels clever now. *grump* >:| Luckily I'm going out soon, but hopefully the engineer will have fixed it by the time I get back from my errands.

This would be a perfect time to showcase everything I've crocheted in one mass wearing! :D

So I'm currently working on a baby hat for my friend's sister's little one (she's also my friend but whatever, I knew her sister first). I'm hoping the size will be ok, but since I don't have or want any kids of my own (and haven't seen baby in 2 months) I don't really know what size/s are right! The pattern is in the Stitch 'n Bitch Happy Hooker book right near the end. It's a pink/brown/white stripey earflap hat thing. The Seija set hat? something like that.

Anyway! I'm working it in Wendy Mode in black, white and azalia pink stripes with a 5mm hook because the pattern called for worsted and a 4mm- I don't have worsted so I'm using my initiative! I started it last night, and with a bit of help from my mum (regarding how the heck I was meant to drop one colour and start another, then pick up the previous colour 3 rows away), I've managed to finish the actual hat part! Now it looks like a beanie! I need to do the earflaps today- mum says I'll be able to do them and that they're "easy" but I'm not too sure... we'll see!

I really need to finish her scarf though, and I can only do it when she's at work, so maybe that'll take precendence today and I can do the baby hat later on. My only problem is I'm going to see Bill Bailey with my other half tonight, only I don't know when! Bah! Men, they never have timescales in mind. Don't they know we women like to run to schedule!?

Also, check out this pattern. I love it! So twee! I think I'm going to knock one together as soon as Jessica's hat is done!

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