Thursday, 13 November 2008


I like to recycle. I like to compost. It makes me feel good, like I'm actually doing something that means something.

I found a nice tutorial here that teaches you how to use your shopping bags as yarn. That is awesome. They also give a nice link to a basket pattern that you can use your bag-yarn to make. How informative! Kudos to you!

Also, I've found a really nice scarf pattern which is going to be my next personal project as soon as I've got the Christmas presents out of the way. N.B you may need to login/register to see the pattern.

According to my mum, I've got to crochet her workmate a beret. Hoo boy. Joy. But said workmate is providing wool, so that's ok. I've got to go collect it soon, as well as getting my glasses sorted out and some other errands before I go measure my friend's Jack Russell for a dog coat. YAY!

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