Friday, 28 November 2008

what lini wants for xmas

This is what I really want for sexmas. This lovely bag (pattern by Bernat, you may need to log in or register to see it!)

Maybe someone will make me one. Maybe I can make it myself, but not for a while.

On the noncrochet front, I'm starting to feel better, yay! I made some chocolate covered pretzels for me and boyfy to share tonight in front of the telly. Don't know what we'll watch as his aerial is out, and his housemates are using the downstairs TV for a "big gay Shield party"- his words not mine!

Back onto the crochet front, I've promised I'll help one of my friends on ravelry learn to crochet Hello Frewen!
I'm not the best teacher in the world, so I'm looking for things to help out here. I've photocopied a page from one of our basic books, but I don't know if that's enough... we'll have to see!

We'll see if I can teach someone something!

Thursday, 27 November 2008


I'm ill. Yuck.
I still have errands to run, so blahjg. Yeah. Should get dressed soon...

No pattern today, but a charity project instead. The Afghan Squares for Pine Ridge Reservation project is a wonderful idea. I think you should all get on with making some 6x6" or 12x12" squares and send them over.

I'm fluey and nasty. No crochet today as yet, don't want to drop snot in it.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

spice weasel!

Ok, I promised something crochet related so here it is.
Combining my love of crochet AND my love of Futurama, here's Geek Central Station's Spice Weasel Lip Balm Cover.


Also, the lipbalm inside the featured SW is my lipbalm of choice- Burt's Bees FTW.

I'm gonna make one of these after Christmas, I wonder if it'll work as a finger puppet for my other half...?


I like memes, and when I found one over at SleepyEyes' blog, I wanted to do it.
I've been checking out the guys who're in my I.M.E group so I know what I'm up against!

So without further ado, here's a meme. And don't worry, I'll get something actually crochet related up today too!

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?
I was 13! I was in year 8 of school, and I was the girl you picked on. I had been friends with my best friends (who're STILL my best friends now!) for just over/about a year. My obsession with Japanese things had begun (origami I believe), and I still believed that by 25 I would be married and have a good job. Nowadays the job seems plausible, but the marriage not so much. I was also probably still able to eat Opal Fruits and Pretzel Flipz (see below)... but not Marathons.

2. What are 5 things on my TO-DO list for today?
Return my books to the library (including the Tunisian crochet one, I give up), put in a repeat prescription request for my asthma medicine at the doctor's, finish the pink hat I'm making, find some inspiration to do my I.M.E book and avoid my relatives who're coming over from Spain.

3. Snacks I enjoy:
Pretzels (especially chocolate covered), tortilla chips with guacamole, toast with butter, buttery/salty popcorn, corn nuts, Bhuja spicy peas (expensive but SO good and so easy to eat!), Opal Fruits (NOT Starbursts... stupid name for a candy- also, bring back the lime ones!), wasabi peas, mainly anything vegetarian and crunchy and spicy!

4. Things I would do if I were a billionarie:
I'd buy myself a house in the country with some acreage and get my dream pets (including the alpacas and angora goats) installed, and section some land off for a horse sanctuary. I'd also buy my mum the car she's wanted since I can remember (Land Rover) and invest in inner city artists. I'd also buy Martina a horse and pay it's bills. I'd buy Ani the Hello Kitty car from Japan too.

5. Places I have lived:
Hornchurch/Romford hinterland, Essex.
Surbiton, Surrey.
Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey.
Many a holiday to St. Osyth, Essex too, so I spose I did live there for some portion of my life.

6. Jobs I have had:
LUSH shop assistant.
LBR summer temp.
Uni ASC writing advisor.
Temporary porter (BAD!).

7. Bloggers I am tagging for this MEME:
Well you don't have to do it, so I'm not going to tag anyone.
If you do want to do it though, let me know- I'm interested in finding out more about people!

christmas crochet update 2

Ok, as promised I'm updating my to-do list, as if anyone cares.
It's getting done, but I forgot some people, so it's also growing a bit. Oops. Oh well...

As of today it looks like this:
My mum-in-law's (hat, my own pattern)
My sis-in-law's (hat, my own pattern)
My best friend's (Rasta bag hat, modified version of an internet pattern that I'm still looking for again!)
My other best friend's (scarf, "Dave 2.0 Scarf" pattern from
My other best friend's (wristlets, "Openwork Wrist Warmers" I think from
My grandparents-in-law (shell pattern tea cosy, from an old book)
My godmum (Froth n Frills Scarf from 'Fun & Funky Crochet')
My best friend's dog (Scare Bear Costume from Crochet Kitten)
My friend's baby (Seija Set hat from 'Happy Hooker')
Cousin 2's toddler (my hat pattern in mini form with a scalloped edge)

Finishing the dog coat.
Finishing my friend's hat matching pouch.

My other half (WHAT THOUGH? And he's still getting Iron Man on DVD)
My dad-n-law (I'm thinking a beanie?)
Cousin 1
Cousin 2
Cousin 2's hubby
Another friend
Another friend
My friend (now penfriend) in the USA
Boyfriend's uncle

ARGH! It's only a month until Christmas!

Tuesday, 25 November 2008


The lists have been posted for the Ravelry IME (International Moleskine Exchange) so I'm going to start on mine and send it on soon! I know who I'm sending it to, as she's in one of my groups, yay!

For now, I must away and go shopping but here's a nice pattern for a pet bed! I might make one for Tink or Chaos if they're both good girls.

Check out the Crochet Today patterns, they're written in American, but they're still good!

Monday, 24 November 2008


It snowed here yesterday. It was a pathetic amount, but at least it tried. Shame that by 11am it was absolutely bucketing down with rain- all the snow was gone :( I didn't even get a chance to play in it (because I was playing Pokemon Pearl in my warm bed!)...

It's FREEZING in the EH house today as the heating has packed up. Grandad was meant to ring the heating people about 7 weeks ago when the heating thingy (boiler? I don't know, I'm not a plumber) started making annoying noises (it's right next to the sofa where my mum and I crochet -in a cupboard- so we noticed it) and now it's packed it in! Great! I bet he feels clever now. *grump* >:| Luckily I'm going out soon, but hopefully the engineer will have fixed it by the time I get back from my errands.

This would be a perfect time to showcase everything I've crocheted in one mass wearing! :D

So I'm currently working on a baby hat for my friend's sister's little one (she's also my friend but whatever, I knew her sister first). I'm hoping the size will be ok, but since I don't have or want any kids of my own (and haven't seen baby in 2 months) I don't really know what size/s are right! The pattern is in the Stitch 'n Bitch Happy Hooker book right near the end. It's a pink/brown/white stripey earflap hat thing. The Seija set hat? something like that.

Anyway! I'm working it in Wendy Mode in black, white and azalia pink stripes with a 5mm hook because the pattern called for worsted and a 4mm- I don't have worsted so I'm using my initiative! I started it last night, and with a bit of help from my mum (regarding how the heck I was meant to drop one colour and start another, then pick up the previous colour 3 rows away), I've managed to finish the actual hat part! Now it looks like a beanie! I need to do the earflaps today- mum says I'll be able to do them and that they're "easy" but I'm not too sure... we'll see!

I really need to finish her scarf though, and I can only do it when she's at work, so maybe that'll take precendence today and I can do the baby hat later on. My only problem is I'm going to see Bill Bailey with my other half tonight, only I don't know when! Bah! Men, they never have timescales in mind. Don't they know we women like to run to schedule!?

Also, check out this pattern. I love it! So twee! I think I'm going to knock one together as soon as Jessica's hat is done!

Friday, 21 November 2008

mummy's christmas present

I'm making her a scarf! Mainly because she never wears anything bar her coat in winter and I'm worried she'll freeze :( I don't want a mummy ice lolly.

So I'm making this scarf here -beware it opens as a PDF- (I already have one in Spirit shade 'Bracken') for her out of Wendy Chameleon wool in shade Greta. I hope she'll like it.

If she doesn't then I'll take it away from her for being ungrateful, lol! :D

So if you guys make one, let me know how it turns out- mine seem to increase at the far end- must be the tension.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

lion brand again!

Yes, I've been back to their site!
Their list of free patterns is huge though, and some of them are really lovely!
I thought a nice easy looking pattern like this one would be good to use up some of my wool surplus, and also make a nice Christmas gift for someone!

I'm going to get back to making my cardigan belt and possibly a new scarf out of my 99p a ball Wendy chameleon.

I'm warming to my tiny 2-strand headhugger. Pity it won't fit me!

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

tink's dog coat

Well, it's abot 1/5 done!
What I'm actually making is this one (Scarebear coat) over at crochetkitten- only without the hood, as Tink hates hoods. And socks.

I'm making it out of two strands of DK in a neon pink and black combo, mainly because I hate eyelash yarn with a burning passion.

Also, I made another hat last night. Made from my head hugger pattern of course, lol. However, I did row 5 in row 4's place and vice versa, and it came out child-size. Oh well. That's my cousin's baby sorted then :D

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

more recycling!

In light of the global economic downturn, and the credit crisis facing us in the UK, the London Stitch'n'Bitch newsletter had some good ideas (even if it is for knitwits!) and a nice handy link!

The link itself from tells you how to make a jumper in reverse... wait that doesn't make sense. Buy a knitted jumper in a charity/thrift store and make it into a ball of wool! What a clever idea!

I'm afraid that's my only piece of crochetable info for today, I'm a bit busy administrating my new Ravelry group "Essex Hookers" and trying to find out about starting a business with one of my best friends... exciting!

So for now, happy hooking!

Monday, 17 November 2008

just a quick note

I'd really like one of these for Christmas.
But alas, I can't knit and that seems to be a requirement.
Cherry Blossom Noni Bag

hooks and hooking

Yay, I made it back here after a weekend hiatus. I actually had a social life for at least part of last week, so hopefully it'll continue!

The picture to the right there is a selection of my hooks: top is a plastic Palette, middle a metal Palette and bottom is a dinky metal Pony. This is useful if you're going to read on... *hint*

At the moment I'm working on another hat <3 and my friend's dog coat. I'll have to get round to uploading some pics as I go.

I'd love to get all the hats I made from my free pattern (see my patterns segment if you'd like to take a looksy) and line them up for some photos. How twee! I still have some of them (my own one, the xmas hats) but one has already gone to it's new home (and she STILL hasn't paid me for it >:|) so I guess it'll have to be a pic without the fluffy white sister hat. Oh well, every family reunion has someone missing!

So on to the topic of conversation today- hooks! Ah, hooks, such a joy to behold and to hold! :D
The reason I'm blogging about hooks is that I lost my 6mm and 3.5mm on Saturday (I later found them but that's not the point) and had to go buy replacements as these are two of the four sizes I use most often (the other two being 4mm and 5mm if you're interested).

This got me to considering my own hooks. I have a 3mm and a 3.5mm that my mum gave me (generic Pony hooks, good enough for me!) but the rest are ones I've bought. I have a Tunisian hook (3.5mm as if you care!) that I bought with the intention of learning to TC so I could make a big old Afghan. It still ain't happened. I keep ending up with a shrivelled thing that looks like a mad scientist's attempt to create a robo-raisin gone horribly awry! So yes, still no TC in the essex hooker camp.

The hooks I bought were all purchased in Hobbycraft, which is a big UK craft store. There's not much space devoted to yarn arts (by that of course I mean crochet... and knitting *whinge*) but they do have some nice wool. The range of hooks they carry is just Pony and Palette (the people who make Palette yarn) so it's kind of limiting to only have those kinds of hooks easily available.

Finally, I'm getting to my point ("at last", I can hear you shouting from here!). I don't mind crocheting with Pony's plastic hooks (although I actually prefer to use alu/s.steel when I can) but I hate the Palette ones with a rabid passion. The Palette alu hooks are fine (and green, my favourite colour, woo!). They're nice to work with, I admit, but the plastic ones (which are a "lovely" garish orangeypink- ugh!) drive me mad. I just can't use them. I just don't enjoy the feel of them in my hand, and I especially don't like the way the yarn makes that "skreeeeek" noise as you pull it through with the things. None of my other hooks make the yarn squeal- why should the plastic Palettes?

So the crux, or nub of the post if you will, is this: urgh plastic Palette hooks, yay metal.
I've put some big Addi hooks (12mm, 15mm, 20mm) on my Christmas list, as well as some bamboo or wooden ones in my preferred sizes to see how I fare with them. From what I've heard, wooden hooks just improve with age, and I intend on being a crochetier for a long time to come- I wonder what'll snap first, my hooks or my wristbones?

Ok, I guess that's it for today. Something tells me I should make a poll and ask my visitors what kind of hooks THEY like, rather than ranting about what I don't... I'll do it in a bit.

Oh yes, and the xmas stuff is STILL in production!

Friday, 14 November 2008

candy skull!

Just a quick post today becuase for some reason my internet is on a go-slow. Woot.

Found this awesome sugar skull Dia De Los Muertos wool bag pattern. I want one for Christmas. I'll ask mother to do one for me.

TTFN folks.

May not be posts over this weekend- I'll be finding curtain materials with my friend, and possibly making them up too. Whee!

I am *so* damn talented.

Thursday, 13 November 2008


I like to recycle. I like to compost. It makes me feel good, like I'm actually doing something that means something.

I found a nice tutorial here that teaches you how to use your shopping bags as yarn. That is awesome. They also give a nice link to a basket pattern that you can use your bag-yarn to make. How informative! Kudos to you!

Also, I've found a really nice scarf pattern which is going to be my next personal project as soon as I've got the Christmas presents out of the way. N.B you may need to login/register to see the pattern.

According to my mum, I've got to crochet her workmate a beret. Hoo boy. Joy. But said workmate is providing wool, so that's ok. I've got to go collect it soon, as well as getting my glasses sorted out and some other errands before I go measure my friend's Jack Russell for a dog coat. YAY!

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

new pattern!

Ok, I'm on a roll. Sort of. I've written another pattern! Woo!

Here it is, just for you guys. I'm giving back to the internets, as I've gotten so many ideas and patterns for free from it!
This is written in UK ENGLISH terms, translation at end!

This is a scraps/stash diving experiment, so use what you have to hand. However, the things I used (if you want to use similar) are:
Size 4mm (G) crochet hook
Scraps of Rowan RYC Soft Lux in "Clover" and "Mist" >>this is a worsted weight yarn<<>

Made especially for a 6.5" wrist (35 chain, plus 1 to turn) so feel free to amend to whatever size you need. I recommend measuring against a tape-measure before you commit to your foundation row though!

Shell stitch for the scallopy edge and pattern is dc, tr, dc in the specified stitch (or sc, dc, sc for Americans).

Main Wristicle:

1. Ch 36
2. DC in 2nd CH from hook, DC across row
3. DC in FLO across, 1 CH, turn
4. DC in FLO across, 1 CH, turn
5. DC in FLO across, 1 CH, turn
6. DC in FLO across, 1 CH, turn
7. DC in FLO across, 1 CH, turn
8. Miss 2 sts, *DC, TR, DC in next st, 2 CH *rpt across, DC in last DC, 1 CH, turn
9. *1 DC in space, 2 DC in shell *rpt across, 1 DC in last shell, DC in last DC
10. *1 DC in space, 2 DC in shell *rpt across, 1 DC in last shell, DC in last DC
11. *DC in space, 3 CH, DC in space *rpt across, DC in last st

Scallop Edge:

1. Attach yarn to bottom (1st row) of piece however you prefer, DC across the row
2. TR across row
3. *CH2, miss 2 sts, DC, TR, DC in next stitch *rpt across, DC in last DC

Turn wrong side out, whipstitch (or however you want) short sides together. Sew in ends.

Translation for those across the pond:

FLO= Front Loop Only (this will give a ribbed effect)

~ok, enjoy! If it doesn't make sense- please tell me! If you make one, I wanna see!

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

christmas crochet update and felting

Ok, so now the list is getting shorter, woo! I'll add it on the end of this post if anyone actually cares...

As the owner of a lovely felt beret (from Accessorise, far too expensive) that I never wear in case I lose it/ dirty it/ a magpie steals it etc, and simultaneously as a crochetier, I've been looking for felting tutorials so I can make my own felt hats! God I love hats.
So, I found a simple tutorial combined with a pattern at (here) and when I get some 100% wool wool, I'm gonna try it out!

I promised my lovely friend I'd make her a wristycuff out of my scraps, so I'm going to go and do that. Also, I've just had an "OHSHIT" moment, as she will have read this blog and will now know what she's getting for Christmas. Oh dear. Well, hopefully she'll forget before then. Amy, stop wondering which present is yours. You've worked it out. Now forget!

So far, we've finished:

My mum-in-law's (hat, my own pattern)
My sis-in-law's (hat, my own pattern)
My best friend's (Rasta bag hat, modified version of an internet pattern that I'm still looking for again!)
My other best friend's (scarf)
My other best friend's (wristlets)
My grandparents-in-law (shell pattern tea cosy, from an old book)

In the process of finishing:

My dad-n-law (claret & blue beanie- WHUFC FTW!)

Still to do:
My other half (WHAT THOUGH? And he's still getting Iron Man on DVD)
Cousin 1
Cousin 2
Cousin 2's toddler
Cousin 2's hubby
Another friend
Another friend
My friend (now penfriend) in the USA
My godmum

Monday, 10 November 2008

christmas crochet

Ok, this Christmas I'm poor. Poorer than when I was a poor student. Now I'm a poor unemployed graduate. What does this have to do with crochet you ask? AHA! I have lots of wool. And I mean lots- my mother and I (both hookers :D) buy yarn like it's gonna fall off the face of the earth- we have a double wardrobe at home, and the bottom is full of bags of wool. Acrylic wool, mohair, angora, alpaca etc etc... so, this year I've set myself a challenge. With my mother's help, everyone is getting a crocheted Christmas present. She's really quick at working up crochet, so she's helping me.

So far, we've finished:
My mum-in-law's (hat, my own pattern)
My sis-in-law's (hat, my own pattern)
My best friend's (Rasta bag hat, modified version of an internet pattern that I'm still looking for again!)
My other best friend's (scarf, "Dave 2.0 Scarf" pattern from
My other best friend's (wristlets, "Openwork Wrist Warmers" I think from

In the process of finishing:
My grandparents-in-law (shell pattern tea cosy, from an old book)

Still to do:
My other half (WHAT THOUGH? And he's still getting Iron Man on DVD)
My dad-n-law (I'm thinking a beanie?)
Cousin 1
Cousin 2
Cousin 2's toddler
Cousin 2's hubby
Another friend
Another friend
My friend (now penfriend) in the USA
My godmum

I will update the list, and I will make an effort to get pictures and links for the patterns soon!

my head hugger

Ok, here we go.
The first post of, hopefully, many!

I thought I'd kick the crochet blog off in style by posting my all-purpose hat pattern. Well, it's all-purpose as long as you want a hat. In treble. With holes in. Yes, well, whatever. It's the first pattern I've ever written, so please be kind!

Written by me, so some creative commons observed; i.e, this is mine. I wrote it, but you're welcome to use it. Please don't say you wrote it though, because I did!
Also, if you make one, please link me to a pic, I'd love to see how you did it! :D

Written using English terms (cuz, I'm English y'all)

Glossary of terms & translation:
ch= chain (US= chain)
sl st= slip stitch (US= slip stitch)
tr= treble (US= double crochet)
dc= double (US= single crochet)

Works up to about a 22" head circumference. You can change this by repeating rows 5-9 until it covers your ears. Also, make less of said rows if you're going for teeny wee sizes.

Ch 5, join w/ sl st.

R1) Ch 3, 11 tr in ring, join w/ sl st, turn.

R2) Ch 3, 2 tr in each tr, join w/ sl st, turn.

R3) Ch 3 *tr in each tr, 2 tr in tr, rep from *, join w/ sl st, turn.

R4) Ch 3 *tr in tr, tr in tr, 2 tr in tr, rep from *, join w/ sl st, turn.

R5) Ch3, tr in tr, join w/ sl st, turn.

R6) Ch3, tr in tr, join w/ sl st, turn.

R7) Ch3, tr in tr, join w/ sl st, turn.

R8) Ch3, tr in tr, join w/ sl st, turn.

R9) Ch3, tr in tr, join w/ sl st, turn.

R10) Ch 1, dc in tr, join w/ sl st, turn.

R11) Ch 1, dc in tr, join w/ sl st, turn.

R12) Ch 1, dc in tr, join w/ sl st, turn.

R13) Ch 1, dc in tr, join w/ sl st, turn.

R14) Ch 1, dc in tr, join w/ sl st, turn.

R15) Ch 1, dc in tr, join w/ sl st, turn.

Things I used:
* Patons "Whisper" (25% mohair, 75% acrylic) yarn in shade 'Bracken'- roughly a ball and a bit (50g balls)
* Size 6 hook (J to those of you in Obamamerica)
* Stitch marker (just to know where the round began)
* Yarn needle for sewing ends in
* A supply of tea and snacks :D