Monday, 9 February 2009

25 Things About Me

Or, I'm making up for not posting tomorrow and Weds maybe!

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1. I've been a vegetarian since I was 15/16.

2. I'm a published poet- have had three poems published by Zodiac Young Authors.

3. I love to cook, and having a big knife in my hand makes me smiley.

4. I prefer to cook for others, and just eat simple stuff when I'm alone.

5. I try hard to know the provenance of what I buy.

6. I prefer green tea to black.

7. I want to go to Santorini, Akrotiri, Canada (but I might not come back), New Zealand and Japan on holiday.

8. I love/hate the Jeremy Kyle show and think that the people who appear on it should be taken off the stage afterwards and shot in the head at point blank range. Whammy.

9. I just plain DON'T LIKE KIDS. It's nothing personal, your kids are probably great, I just plain don't like 'em. Don't bring them near me, because I WILL say something insensitive. Do not expect me to go gooey over your icky baby photos that wouldn't look out of place in a paedophile's spank bank and then tell me that one day I'll change my mind. I won't.

10. I love dogs. If I ever see someone abusing a dog or mistreating one in a park, I always go wade in. Even if there's a chance I'll get stabbed...

11. I hate living in Romford. The town is fine, the people are what makes it hell. So many lazy lazy people who make a living breeding child after child, don't vote and just leech off taxpayers. If you're not going to contribute to the economy (we are in a recession you know) then eff off out of the country. Go live in France.

12. I spend far too much money on wool and yarn products and do not think that £3 for a 50g ball of 100% wool is extravagant at all.

13. I love unusual and impractical shoes. I buy them and hardly wear them as they are too pretty to go out and get drunk in.

14. I would crawl over broken glass on my belly for my best friends and selsct members of my close family. I would gladly take a beating or a bullet if it meant that someone I love didn't have to.

15. I don't really class England as a top holiday destination, with the exception of beautiful beautiful Derby. And possibly Dorset.

16. It's been my dream since I was seven to emigrate to Canada, possibly to NS, Quebec or some small town with a silly name by a lake.

17. If I don't live within an hour of water I get very depressed BUT have serious drowning issues, and shy away from rivers wider than my leg-span and oceans you can't see the bottom of.

18. I have come close to drowning twice in my life. I slipped into a paddling pool when I was a wee chit of a girl and nobody noticed for about a minute. My ma was indoors sorting me a snack, nana was taking care of cousins, uncle should hae been watching but he was too busy sunbathing. My ma was so angry I thought she was gonna kill someone. My ears were clangy, I was spitting up water (and grass, and bugs) and I had a bump on my head. It was terrifying. The other time I got cramp in a swimming pool... that was less terrifying as I could walk to the shallow end.

19. I wish I could ride horses still. It's one of my big ambitions in life. I WILL re-learn how to ride!

20. My two biggest achievements in life are never having puked from drinking and never having gotten a detention at school- not even for eating sweets in Mme. Bayat's French class. Bonjour la classe indeed!

21. I used to be ginger but I got better... sometimes I wish I hadn't!

22. If more people had silk panties, there would be less stressed people in the world.

23. If more people in power had more orgasms, more often, the world would be a happier place.

24. I have a crippling phobia of heights over 10 feet. They make me all rigid with fear, hyperventilatey and about to throw up feeling. I'm going on the London Eye on Wednesday (11th Feb) so it'll either cure or kill me...

25. I am now completely addicted to wet felting, and needle felting. Another skill set!

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