Monday, 9 February 2009

the essex cooker, ha ha...

Yep, I had another nummy cooking triumph. And here it is:
Caramelised red onion tarts with goat's cheese and toasted pine nuts. I was amazed how easily it just came out of my head, and how good it tasted. Need to probably slice the cheese a bit thinner next time though. I bought the puff pastry for the first time ever (I like making pastry, but Mark's kitchen is not good for doing it- 5 boys, and only 2 know how to be hygienic!) and it turned out ok. Jus-Roll, I will purchase your goods again!

I did make some more felt, but it's going in the IME E= and CCC moleskines I'm working on... so no spoilers!

Probably no blog on Wednesday as that's gonna be me and Mark's fake Valentines.

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