Tuesday, 3 February 2009

essex snow: day 2

It hasn't gone, but not a lot more has fallen. Mark had to go to work today, the best we can hope for now is him getting to leave early in case the buses and trains stop running again. Everyone cross your fingers!

I'm having a good old woogle round the interwebs today, managing to find lots of lovely things!

The wool I was going on about a few days ago, turns out to be Wendy Happy, a blend of 75% bamboo and 25% nylon in a 4-ply weight. A 100g ball is about £5-something anywhere I look, so I will have to keep it in the back of my mind for now. I want someone to knit me some socks in the 'Scorpio' colourway. I think the 'Aries' is quite pretty too. I'm slightly miffed that there's no Virgo (me) or Cancer (Marko) though, how rude! So far, this link has the best pictures of colourways- there's only 8, but nowhere seems to stock them all! I want to see!

I found another nice pattern, but alas I cannot knit, so someone else will have to have them. Cabled wrist warmers anyone? People in cold climates, I'm looking at you!

I found a list of the gorgeous shades of Twilley's Spirit- YUM! It seems strange that a US site would have a full(ish) range of a UK brand. Weirdness...
The list of desired colours grows!
Essence, Bliss, Verve, Nature, Earth, Destiny... mmm! Already have things made of Air and Desire, and the only other colours I can get easily are Fire, Dignity and Promise which are a bit... well... dull in comparison lol!

The colours of fluff I bought for felting are limiting me to certain colour combinations... poo. I feel I need to buy a couple more colours, maybe ones I wouldn't necessarily get for myself like pinks or anything in the yellow family. At the moment my colourways seem to be 'fire' (orange, red, yellow), 'sea' (greens, blue, turquoise), 'land' (green, yellow, brown), 'sky' (blues, 'whites') or 'wine' (claret, purple, red) and I think I need to expand in order to make things that will actually sell. I know my misi site isn't actually functional yet due to in part my laziness and propensity for sitting on ravelry for hours, and in part because I'm scrutinising anything I've made so much.

I don't know what to get/make Mark for Valentine's. He always whinges that it's commercial and stuff, but I'd feel like a negligent girlfriend if I didn't get him a present. We're going on the London Eye before actual "V-Day" so there hopefully won't be as much of a queue. I'm terrified of heights over the 8 foot mark, so this will either cure or kill me. Joy.
I was thinking of making something for him. Not crochet because he's got hats and scarves etc aplenty and there's no time to make a jumper that he won't wear! Maybe something foodie instead, as I am (without being big headed) a good cook, and he's aspiring to be too.

  • After translating from American 'cups', these nuts sounds just up his street. Might amend the mix a little and make it spicier, but who knows. I think I've got all the spices in the spice cupboard too, so all I need to buy is nuts and something to keep said nuts in. Maybe one of those jars with the metal lid release thingy? I know what I'm talking about... maybe Wilko has some.
  • Then again, he likes toffee, and nuts, so maybe this would work, if I translate it?
So maybe I will be able to whip something up afterall? Phew.

Today I forsee wet felting in the bath, yippee!

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Leslie said...

It looks lovely, from the news it sounds like the end of the world tho, YOU TAKE CARE OF YOU and be safe if you have to travel. Did Boyfriendface make it into work okay?