Monday, 2 February 2009

proper snow!

Ok, so there's about 4" of snow here.
Mark's not going to work because it'd take him ages, and his team leader said it was ok, so it's all ok. Mum still struggled in bless her. I want to get my wellies on and go play...
Mark's stupid housemate has loads of people over from Aus for some reason and apparently they're acting like "special" kids because they've never seen snow...

I finished my collarette, and managed to get a matching hat done last night, so it looks like I might be able to test them out in the snow! Woo!
Here's a pic of the lovely purple woollyness:
I will get a better pic of both hat and collarette, but at the moment I wish to get winter attired and play in the snow.

Also, some snow.


Leslie said...

Welcome to our world. We are snowless at the moment, but more is expected. It take about 10" to slow us down..

talumirage said...

Christ, after 4" you'd think there'd been a nuclear winter over London!