Wednesday, 4 February 2009

felty fun- again

I spent most of yesterday needling and smooshing wool. I had lots of fun :D

I'll get some pics of the things I made, and hopfully you'll all like them.
I'm trying to make fangs for one of Mark's handmade V-day presents, but it's not working. Damn head sucking Metroids.

The snow in the back garden is still extant but most of the stuff out front and in the roads is gone or has turned to slush and ice. Urgh, great!

And I need to go out in it to go supermarket... yuckles. Thank the gods for wellies. My wellies are v. boring though- how to rectify this? I have a pair of boring navy shiny ones and even more boring hunter green matt ones. I was thinking of graffiti-ing them with permanent pen, but it might not last? Ideas? And not "felt them" because that won't work! :P

1 comment:

Leslie said...

Bet you could google decorating your wellies and come up with a ton of stuff, LOL. Acrylic paints maybe?

I wants to see the felty stuff so hurry up with the pix already..