Wednesday, 25 February 2009

well, it's been a while!

Ugh, it's been so long since I blogged that blogger's forgotten me! I had to username and password like a normal person! Woe!

Apologies to my loyal readers (all like 2 of you lol!) but life's been a bit of a poop storm recently. Everything's getting in the way of me doing the things this blog's about.

I have been finding time to do some crochet and felting (and also art now too, since the IME has rekindled my love of putting pencil to paper) so it's not a complete bust.

This post is gonna be full of photos...

Here's some things I've been working on:A felted cuff! Made from merino tops in yummy berry colours!My stripey hat- I'm so proud I can do stripes all by my self now! I only had to undo two rows twice to correct a mistake, so it's not too bad!RY Lux beanie for Martina (at last) to match her christmas scarf.This is Tinkerbell destroying a needled felted ball I made for her. It's ok though, it was a test run. I think I know how to make them more dog-proof!

So that's what I've been doing lately, as well as some art and moleskine doodles. I spose I could show you all one or two of my roughs...Old English/Celtic stule horse heads. I love to draw these, have been doing it for years. They're like MY symbol now!This is a crysanthemum believe it or not! It's Chinese style, and since my Chinese painting stuff is somewhere I'm not, it's in pencil, trying to look like brushwork lol!Lotus bud, also vaguely Chinese style.Horsie in the style of George Stubbs (one of my favourite painters)- actually modeled on 'Whistlejacket' (said painter's best painting imho)

Well, there we are, all caught up.
As I say on my dA (where my subscription has run out and I'm too poor to renew atm!) "constructive criticism appreciated, flames will be laughed at"

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Leslie said...

Well, well, Missy...

At least you have something to show for the lack of you being around. Wow. Hats are cute, cuff is the BomB and I would be happy to see and of those pix come by way of a Moley.