Friday, 6 February 2009

Clan Doggett- not!

As you may or may not know, my surname is Doggett. Yeah feel free to laugh. Whatever. I've heard all the taunts before. And yes, the guy in the XFiles is called John Doggett- so what? All I know is he makes my genealogy searches really hard.

So I enjoyed Leslie's Clan Blair update, it made me wish I had a clan Doggett of my own. But alas, it's just my family. And I've severed contact with one side of them, mainly because they're pigs. Not literally, because I love pigs. I mean pig in the offensive sense.

So instead, I thought I'd let you all see my direct great-great(add a load more greats here) grandad, who was famous! And from Dublin, so all of you who thought I was a Plastic Paddy- ner! I do have Irish blood in me... it may be well watered down, but that's not the point, is it?

So here you go, a link to Sir. Thomas Doggett (or Dogget as they sometimes spelled it- even he had problems with people spelling his name right, things never change!).

And here's another link to the Doggett's Coat & Badge Race. You'll have to click on the 'history' tab as the site is about a pub. One I've never been to- shock horror! Will have to look for it when I'm in London next week...

So I'm really going now... promise!

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Leslie said...

Well, thanks sweetie.

You can be a Blair if you'd like. Many Scots are of Irish descent in the long run, anyhoo...

Thanks for the interesting links to the other stuff on Doggetts.