Thursday, 11 December 2008


I got my F RAK from Zoe this morning! I was sooo happy! The pic is what was in it. I got a felted... er... thing (being used as a tidy pot now!), two fish (a crab and lobsty), green finn wool and some fingers! Mmm fingers! Sorry for the lame wrong way up pic, my PC has a paddy every time I try to rotate a pic, and the aggro is just not worth it.

The wool is soooo smuzzly. I love it. I rubbed it on my face a bit earlier. Family don't think I'm mad, they're used to it... just glad I wasn't wearing foundation yet!

So yes, I got woooooooooools! I bought a couple of balls from Hobbycraft becase they'd gone right down in price. Naughty me!

Anyway- proper update tomorrow!

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Leslie said...

I think I need to know what a f.r.a.k is, they look like so much fun. Your visitor's map (I see Bored People) has way many more red dots on it then the last time I look, good on you.