Wednesday, 10 December 2008

hello again...

I've completed two hats in two days. Wooo! Get me and my fast fingers! Wait, that sounds dirty.

Hello everyone, and welcome to another edition of the essex hooker.

I've been trying to change my blog template all morning, but the damn thing keeps screwing up. If anyone clever can help me, please do.

I've just noticed I've got a dent in my forehead... weird...

Sorry, back on to topic!

I've made two head huggers in two days. I can't say that I'm less impressed than the others- my head hugger family is growing by the day! I managed to get the "two brothers" (above) together before they go off to their new homes, which gave me a small smile :D
The one on the right is a simple 2 strand head hugger, worked slightly looser with an 8mm hook and two strands of acrylic DK in "camo" colours (the brown is Sirdar something, and the actual varigated one is Teddy Picasso which doesn't seem to really exist on the web, except on ebay!) . It came out a bit larger than other huggers, possibly due to the hook size.
The left is another 2 strand hugger (brown is the same Sirdar, blue/black- no idea, it cam out of the old stashbag) done in an 8mm. I did a row of double (single to you Americans) around the brim, then ribbed it using FL/BL around with dc (sc) for two rows. Then I did a row of just blackyblue dc (sc) and another of just brown dc (sc) which made it a bit different.

I did get some sticks yesterday, and made a little hook! (Probably about a 4mm-ish) It doesn't work very well (I can only get 3 chain max on it before it falls through!) but I still like it, and I think I know what I'm doing now! So maybe I'll do another one today, and see if I can get the throat and head to go right. I'll get a pic of it and show you all too.

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