Monday, 8 December 2008


Yes, it's all winter-y (wintry?) in Essex.
I like winter because I get to show off all my handmade goodies and have people ask me if I bought them in a shop! No! I made them, woo! :D

My christmas making list is decreasing, hallelujah, praise jebus and Odin and everyone else (but not Allah because he tells Muslims to kill animals halal-y and I have an objection to that)!

As of today it looks like this:
My mum-in-law's (hat, my own pattern)
My sis-in-law's (hat, my own pattern)
My best friend's (Rasta bag hat, modified version of an internet pattern that I'm still looking for again!)
My other best friend's (scarf, "Dave 2.0 Scarf" pattern from
My other best friend's (wristlets, "Openwork Wrist Warmers" I think from
My grandparents-in-law (shell pattern tea cosy, from an old book)
My godmum (Froth n Frills Scarf from 'Fun & Funky Crochet')
My best friend's dog (Scare Bear Costume from Crochet Kitten)
My friend's baby (Seija Set hat from 'Happy Hooker')
Cousin 2's toddler (my hat pattern in mini form with a scalloped edge)
My dad-n-law (another "Dave 2.0 Scarf")
Cousin 2's hubby (beanie in camo colours for when he goes fishing)
My friend (now penfriend) in the USA ("Zen & The Art of Stash Diving" Scarf @ crochetme)- see pic above/right!

Finishing the dog coat.
Finishing my friend's hat matching pouch.

My other half (a Trevor in white made to look like the SSBB punchbag/sandbag)
Cousin 1 (scarf)
Cousin 2 (scarf)
Another friend/friend's fiance (a head hugger)
Another friend (wristy gauntlets)
Boyfriend's uncle (earflap hat like mine)

At least I've actually decided what I'm making now!

Anyway, I have one last run to the post office to make before I forget... oh and the library! Sooo I'm offski!

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