Friday, 5 December 2008

wrist bones turning to dust...

Yeah, you can tell it's winter when I get my wrist straps out!
A few years back I had an accident at uni which meant that I tore the ligaments in my left wrist- v painful! And when it gets cold outside, it gets all painful again! So I dig out the big strap thing the hospital gave me (complete with metal plate down the palm-wrist) and away I go getting my yarn caught in the velcro. Since last year, my other "good" wrist has started to twinge in the cold, so I got some strapping for that one too... so another place for the yarn to get fluffed up! Must be the onset of the familial arthritis. Great. I was hoping I'd at least be 30 before that happened! It would explain the ever worsening shoulder too... joy. And I've got thread veins in my legs. NOT FAIR! My body's getting old before its time!

Ok so we scrapped the Kathleen hat idea and mummy is very kindly making a scarf according to the stash diving pattern I posted yesterday. She's doing it cuz my hands hurt lol!

So I'm making a Trevor for myself, just as a nice easy "all done in a DC spiral" amigurumi thang. He's an alien. You can find his pattern here. My Trevor is neon pink, and will probably only have two feet, as I think four is a bit excessive, especially considering that he's got two arms as well. I can't decide what colour to make his arms and feet... I don't really want to use boring black but I may have to for coordination's sake (his eyes are big 10mm safety eyes like smooth coal lol!)... bluh whatever.

In other news, I posted my IME moley yesterday, and frewen got it today! Well done Royal Mail. FPK's is on it's way from Colorado to me, so it should be here soon! God bless ravelry!

So yeah, I'm off to see my mummydearest and take my godmum's xmas present to her. Woot.