Wednesday, 3 December 2008

getting better

I'm nearly snot free, yay!
How nice for you to stop by and hear me talking about mucus as the first part of the blog post. What a lovely person I am.

I have a follower now! I'm literally spazzing out with excitement! Thankyou to my friend FiberPirateKniter/Leslie for coming aboard! <3 Literally, I'm squee-ing. YUS!
Hooray for ravelry- I am hooked!

And now on to the crochet aspect of the blog, lol!
I'm currently breaking my fingers making a hat for my friend in the US. She lives in Montana, which is like right next to Canada (sort of) so I bet it gets cold up there! Hopefully I'll get it done before the weekend and be able to mail it Friday or Monday at the latest. Royal Mail are being a bit bumface about the last int'l shipping dates, so I'm not taking any chances! I also need to get my UK RAK random letter (G) off to Birgit in Finland. Am having trouble deciding what to send though... a G size crochet hook? Gum? Gnu? Gravy? Ginger?

I still need to finish some other things off properly before xmas, including the bows and stuff on Tink's dog coat, Ani's hat matching pouchette (how I'm gonna make it do up, I don't know!) and get started on another flap hat for Jessa. My hands are so itchy and rashy from using mohair in this hat, it's horrible! The hat is just horrendously pretty :D If you're a raveler, check out the colours here!

These hooks from Resplendent Creations are simply beautiful! You know what else I want for crimble now!
I'm also going to make a nice hook roll using this pattern if I get the time between now and the new year.

My crimbo list is basically comprised of hooks and clothes... oh and a really nice pair of boots, but I'm not allowed any more shoes >:|

Back unto the itchy allergy triggering crochet breach, once more!

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