Monday, 29 December 2008


Looks like the handmade presents went down a treat. Even mother (who hates wearing woolly things, even in the coldest winter!) is wearing her scarf. Hooray, I succeed!

So I've been playing around with ribbing, and I managed to make a hat that looks like it's melting onto your neck lol. I'll get a pic later, but I'll offer it out for sale to anyone who wants it in advance (like hell, lol!) it's lilac, black and white... you know you want it!
EDIT: It's actually in my recent hookups, but it doesn't look melty there! I guess I'll have to model it... bah! Here it is in it's normal looking glory... yeah, normal. You wish.

Basically, this is just a quick update to let you all know that I survived christmas (never having one ever again) and that I'm still here!

I'm gonna try and get my IME posted out today, so frewen keep your eyeballs peeled!

But now, I'm afraid I've got to go and do Mark's (SO) weekly shop, or else he'll starve. I really am the best girlfriend ever.

Happy festive period (I know it goes on until Jan. 1st!)

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