Wednesday, 17 December 2008

I'm still here!

Yes, I'm back from my one day hiatus.
My mummy dearest has a week off work, so we're escaping to the shopping centres of doom to finish kringus preparations.

Job interview was... ok. I felt good about it, but I'm not talking about it anymore because of past experiences with the whole "I'm terribly sorry, but we chose an applicant with more experience" bull...

Have had strange asthma today. One instance of feeling like the breath had all been sucked out of me, and two of random coughing for about 5mins... strange. Oh well, it's stopped now.

As promised, my very easy peasy scarf pattern (I'll try and translate it to American when I've finished translating it from my shorthand to English first!)

1) Ch 14 (or any multiple of 5/10 with 4 tc)
2) Dtr in 4th from hook, *ch 1, miss 1, dtr in next (*rep across, ending with 5 spaces
3) Ch 4, turn, *dtr in chain space, ch 1 (*rep across
repeat row three until scarf is desired length.
See! Easy!

Now for the translating:
ch= chain
dtr= double treble (US= treble)
(a good guide to translating British/US terms can be found here)

You can check out my ravelry projects for three examples of the scarf pattern in action (Collarette, Natalie's Scarf & Moonglow Scarf)

Honestly, I don't get on the IME Chicklet board and they rack up 40 posts without me! I'm offended ;)

Also, check out my cool new project bag I picked up shopping today! It's made of one long continuous zip! Epic win! It's called a Zip It bag (unsurprisingly)... and when you want to fold it away, it just unzips and rolls into a small coil! HOW cool? VERY cool!

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Leslie said...

Missed you over in Chickletland, but shopping with mum is a good thing. We are going to do a 2nd round, BTW. Love the Zipbag colours. these bags are fun aren't they. I am gonna have to dig out my hook and make one of your scraves, see what you are creating? A multi-discipline fiber addict,