Tuesday, 30 December 2008

hello hello hellooo

Hey y'all!

I.M.E groups for round 2 are up on ravelry! I'm in E (which will probably end up being called the eclectic elephants or something!) and some of the chicklets have made it into the same group, so YAY! I haven't been parted from my beloved frewen, FPK and DMXOX thank the gods! But there are also new peoples to meet, and I look forward to that too!

I hope you like the pics up there by the way. Aren't they groovy? They're of peoples' christmas lights (in the dark) taken with a slower shutter speed. I could offer them as weird futuristic prints to people! And I have more! Top one is a row of lights, middle is some blue net lights (think they were over a tree or soemthing maybe?) and bottom one is -believe it or not- a row of streetlamps! I was in a moving vehicle with a slow shutter, so there ya go!

I has a mole on my right shoulderblade and have all my life, and now it seems to want to annoy me. It feels different. It looks a bit different... I'm wondering if it's doctor trip time?

This is not crochet related. I am a bad Lini.
I'm wondering what to make for my Y RAK receive-ee Bianca... hmn, I have some nice yellow DK so I could make something cute and cool. I mean, you don't HAVE to make something, but I guess it'd be nice if I did. There's no way I'm gonna come close to Zoe's F RAK I got, but I can try!

So I was thinking of making something useful... maybe like a pouch or something? Lion Brand has some dinky bits, like a coin purse and an ipod sock (but does she have an ipod? And could it be used as something other than an ipod sock?)...

Ok so here's the links:
ipod sock
coin purse
(you may need to login/register)

Answers on a postcard PLIZ!


DXOX said...

Go get the mole checked don't wait! That's a bit of a shout, but earlier is better. My #2 daughter had one removed just the week before Christmas. She is doing well it was on her cute little cheek. I am too glad we are in the 2nd round. Don't get bored by my art abilities. OK sleep well! XOX

Frewen said...

I love those photos - especially the streetlamp butterfly one...and I second getting the mole checked out too!