Thursday, 18 December 2008

new haircut :D

Hey y'all. I'm back again. This time with a new haircut and colour! I've gone from long shaggy blondeyginger to shorter choppy chocolate brown. I might upload a picture if the fancy takes me... I think darker hair suits me actually. I'll have to upload a pic now or you'll all think I'm being vain!
Here we are...

Anyway- only a short update to say that I've finished off the dog coat for good now (hopefulyl a pic of her in it later) and I'm going out to give it to her mummy in a little while.

I'm checking ravelry as we speak, so hopefully will be caught up on what the chicklets have been up to!

TTFN homegirls and homeboys!

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Leslie said...

Cutie Pie, would love to see the dog coat. If we still had all of our little white dogs, I would have bought the knitting kit at the bookstore for making accessories for the little princesses and princes (my sister and I used to raise Malteses). Glad you are back, BTW