Tuesday, 23 December 2008

it's christmas eve eve...

... that's what I've called Dec. 23rd as long as I can remember.

Finished mum's scarf yesterday, at last! Just bit the bullet and fastened off. It looks ok to me... we'll see what she says on Thursday.

Slightly off topic, if anyone knows how to get chilli residue off your hands, please tell me. I used one chilli in my dinner last night, chopped up, and still have hangnails that taste of fire. And would you believe that I've washed my hands at least four or five times since then?

My best friend is meant to be in town today for the day, so we were gonna look at wool and drink coffee, but as yet she hasn't got in touch with me... so I don't know what I'm doing... I need to go to town to pick up my Thor comic (issue 12, woo, at last!) and a whole list of them for SO who has to go to work today, rather than buy comics. Since he can't get to the shop before xmas, kind girlfriend here has volunteered to get them. He has a list as long as my arm. Well, no, it's seven different issues. I'm just hoping they're all the $2.99 ones (will cost about £2 here) and not the expensive ones!

(I can't believe I didn't get the job I went for last week... the interview seemed to go so well...)

Leslie's moleskine now has some doodleness in it. I'm not going to say what, but there's about four pages of ramblings, one page with a nice drawing and a page of insanity. So hopefully she'll enjoy that! I look forward to getting moleskines in the I.M.E, but I also have the horrible fear that when I pick up my pen/inks etc, it'll be an artistic abortion. I'm looking at inspirational art today to help improve my own, so hopefully everyone will get something they won't shudder to look at. I've also signed up for round 2, so there'll be two moleskines for me to draw/post at once. I do hope I don't get confused! This shall be my reason for going on JSA- so I can pay postage to frewen, and whoever comes after me in round two. Ooh I'm so excited to see who'll be grouped with me!
I think we're sending the round 1 chicklet 'skines off in January... but don't know when!

So now I'm off to drink tea and possibly crochet some more hat. Yus.


Frewen said...

I haven't finished with your book yet - so I'm rather glad I have until the new year!

Is your next moleskine going to be lined or unlined?

Leslie said...

Good Morning from across the pond Baby Chicklet. I was the one that made the executive decision to hold off mailing the Moleskines until after the hols.

Hope your friend turns up for coffee so that you can go fondle fiber. I didn't know you were a comic book collector too. I go for old school and graphics, but Thor's one of my faves.

As to Frewen's question to you, I'm gonna answer too. What book I use in the next round depends if Santa brings me the one on my giftie list. If not it's gonna be a bigger, unlined one.

talumirage said...

I think new Mr. Mole is lined too... I dunno what my fascination is... I just prefer sketching in lined pads! Always have... lol!