Monday, 12 January 2009

busy busy busy

I've finished Mark's hat. He should be wearing it about now, so I'll try and get a pic later (then you'll all also be able to see who exactly it is that I'm planning on spending forever with- urgh how sappy) so you can see my handiwork!

I've started nana Duane's scarf after a few false starts. The one skein one-der pattern seemed to be growing by about an inch outward every three inches length-wise, so we had to stop that one.

Tried to make some armies out of my lovely World of Wool Shetland Moorit DK but I have problems crocheting tubes, so that particular pattern was abandoned, and mother and I are going to have a look at making one up later.

My wooly fluff from World of Wool arrived, along with Kristina's gift, so all I need to do is fish out some bubblewrap and then I can make some felt! WOO!

Also the beautiful and wonderful frewen sent me a felting needle along with her IME moley today, so thankyou! I now have three moleskines sitting on the table. Confused? Slightly.

Now I must away to finalise the stitch markers and teabags for the E group IME or else Leslie will murder me slowly.

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Leslie said...

Oh, no, not slowly, but painfully slowly. Can't wait to see the hat on the boy! Loves ya.