Friday, 16 January 2009

my felted pebble

This was awesome fun. I suggest you all do it! I'm going to be making these all day in loads of colours (thankyou World of Wool!) and distributing them as paperweights.

Step 1) Lay out fibres and arrange nicely. Make sure it'll fit around the stone!
Step 2) Felt the middle part of the fibres, leave the edges a bit dry and unfelty.
Step 3) Wrap felt around stone. Now work edges and middle more.
Step 4) Scrubbings!
Step 5) Rinse well in hot, then cold water.
This is the second side, or uglier side ;)^
This is the prettier (first) side, IMHO!^


Leslie said...

Now are you dead clever. I like both sides and where did you get the idea to felt a ROCK?

Hope said...

Beauuuuuuuuutifull! Pretty works! It looks like a gemstone now. :)

Frewen said...

You're getting hooked ;)