Wednesday, 14 January 2009

felty fun!

Yes, I'm having felty fun!
My newest attempt is a bit poo (I blame the Shetland curly wool) but the previous coaster type thing is good! Still needs to dry out properly, and this pic is a bit dark because it was still wet, but I likes it! It will be a gift for mummy to put her (foul out of the coffee-insta-matic machine) coffee cups on at work. I am such a lovely daughter, even if I do say so myself.Yay, felty fun coaster tastic!
I was thinking of calling it 'entrails' but that sounds a bit yucky, so maybe not!

Now I'm going to make some more!

1 comment:

DXOX said...

Way to go Baby Lini! Is it hard work? It looks difficult. Good job!