Saturday, 3 January 2009

a weekend update?

Yep, how random!

So I got to felting my pouchette... it kind of sucks. I did read the woolband and it said nothing about the wool being felt resistant. Maybe it was the soap? It was pure vegetable/palm/glycerine soap. I used as hot a water as I could stand (freshly boiled out of the kettle- I have asbestos hands, especially in rubber gloves) and beat the living hell out of it. I dunno what happened... oh well! I still think it's sweet (and it's grown I'm SURE!). Here's a pic- you're all dying to see I bet!

I also made another hat this weekend just because I liked the wool colours together. I threaded a piece of ribbon through it too to make it extra pretty. Check out my ravelry projects if you want to take a peek.

I did buy a book on felting ("Felt Frenzy") which helped a bit... but has now made me want to go pull some wool out of some sheep's dreads and make a needle felted something. I have no felting needles but this kind of thing doesn't usually stop me, hehee!

I've also got a schematic for a hook/needle roll wobbling about on my PC now (yay for MS Paint!) which I'm willing to share with you if you treat it nicely. No stealing. It's mine. If you use it, credit me (and also let me see, I want to see!) etc etc yada yada yada... so 'ere it is, my 8"-ish hook roll plan. I'm going to get to work on making one tonight to see how it works, so there should be photos accompanying this schematic by Monday. YUS!

So I'm gonna go eat a chocolate sponge pudding covered in Anchor sniffy cream now and make a hookroll.

Proper update on Monday!

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Leslie said...

I like the yarn you used. So more experiments in the offing. I'd also like to see you hook roll completed. glad to see you posted again. Love ya, Lini