Monday, 26 January 2009

quick update

I finished my wristers- they both look the same from a distance, so all is well. I've started something else now... I dunno what it'll be yet, at the moment it's about 6 rows of 30 dcs...

I've decided that it's all well and good knowing how to knit, but I like being a hooker better. XD

I got two RAK packages today! YAY!

One is from Kristina, who is my source for random feltable scraps, lol and the other is from Birgit, who very kindly hand knit me some socks (am wearing them now, I likes) and sent me some other random bits, including a Fleece Dog kit! And we all know how much I love Fleece Dog! Incidentally, I bought the book this weekend...Socks, made by Birgit!My box of goodies from Birgit! Including SWEETIES!My fluffbag from Kristina! Also pictured, fluffy dressing gown, lol!

Just a quick update for the moment, as I have a job interview (that is apparently going to last from 12.30-4 or 5pm... weird) to get sorted for, and I want to play with fleece for a little while first ;)

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