Friday, 9 January 2009

elbow soreness!

For some reason blogger is having a paddy and won't let me post what I just spent half an hour typing out. Oh god I've got to type it all again if I can't get it to work!

Check the comments area for the actual post in full! Stupid blogger.

Here's a pic of the fluff I'm talking about in the commentpost:


talumirage said...

Yeah I had like 3 vials (phials?) of blood drawn this morning, so now my elbow is sore. The doctor man wasn't very happy that I wanted it taken out of my left arm instead of the right but I put my foot down. I never bleed out of that arm so it just hurts and is tedious until the pillock who didn't listen in the first place puts the needle in the left one, and also I didn't want my dominant hand to not work as I've got to finish my round 2 moleskine today! And that involves drawing!

Ooh looky looky look what I got today! Kristina very kindly sent me some yummy woolfluff to play with to see if I can get it to felt... any tips anyone? It's called ros é (very classy, and also apt) and is made of Lincoln wool... I assume that's another sheep breed? I think I need more help with what sheep is what and what their wool is like. BUT I hope to have a little play this weekend (possibly Sun, busy Sat day and night- popular again lol) and see if I can make anything out of it. If not I'll just stuff it in my pillowcase and cuddle it at night lol! It smells really nice... like my friend Amy smells sometimes. Not like a sheep I mean, like perfume or something.

Mark's hat is finished (or as finished as I think it should be), but I haven't f.o'd because he may yet say "add another bit" (by this he means add another row) or what I'm dreading "I don't like it like that, can you undo it again?" and the answer will be NO! No I can't undo it because I got in a huge mess last time I did and it took me 15minutes to sort out the massive not it created!

I'm very lax with the crochet aspect of the blog at the moment, and for that I'm sorry. I've not been feeling well lately (since before xmas can hardly keep my eyes open all day, hence today's blood tests) and sitting and crocheting is not making me feel much better, which is really weird as it usually cheers me up no end. Also my broken XBOX 360 has come back functional, so I need to get back to where I was in Fable II (my bloody XBOX deleted/corrupted my 12hours into the game file- anger, tears, swearing etc) and get going with Fallout3. At the moment that, reading my books as ever and playing "let's do a tiny bit of moleskine every day" is what's keeping me happy. It's nice to escape into an oldey-worldey world in Fable (and play with my crossbow and mace mwhehehehe) or a post-nuclear apocalypsey world in Fallout. Escapism is nice sometimes.

Leslie said...

You take care of you. I love your use of pillock. Can't wait to see what you come up with for the fleecey, I am that jealous. I'd love some of that colour for my needle felting projects... Have a great weekend, sweetie, any sign of Coraline?

Martha said...

I have to get my moley done to mail out on Monday too!