Thursday, 15 January 2009


Hello good people of the internet, how're you? Good. I'm ok, thanks for asking.

This is going to be a quick post as I need to pop out, and see if my felt experiments are dry yet. I need to buy some foam or something for needle felting, as the block of stuff I've got is poo, and bits keep getting in my felty things. Grr.

I've ordered some more fluffies in different colours from World of Wool and Texere, so hopefully, more colours soon! I want to felt a pebble...

Have you seen Fleece Dog? They're sooo cute! I want to do one! But it'll suck because I've only been felting a week!

Things I have learned this last week of felting:
1) Shetland wool doesn't like Merino wool. How to fix this? Felt the Merino first, then felt the Shetland onto it later. Then we don't end up with big holes which I still need to fix.
2) Don't use polystyrene or oasis block for needle felting, it makes bits fall into your work. How to fix this? I don't know...? High density foamboard? I'll ask the market foam man if he still has a stall.
3) Tesco (discontinued so cheap at 75p a pack) 'Shiny Shred' looks good but doesn't felt in very well and breaks when you try to needle it in. How to fix this? Um, secure it with Merino wisps? Not bother lol?

Does anyone know where I can get shiny stuff to put in my felt? I got a lovely felted bowl as a RAK from Zoe (woolbird) and it has some shimmery shizzle in it, and I'd love to know where to get some!

Ok, that'll do for now. Sorry my crochet blog has turned into my felt blog, but I'm just so excited!

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Leslie said...

Sweetie, the Dollar/Pound Store and a huge car washing sponge. Check the car aisle at your Target's equivalent (who's name I should know as the future SIL work for them).

I want to see pictures as well. I think you need to go visit our Curmudgeon, Frewen, the felter extraordinaire and have a play day and tell us all about Treacle and Twinkle.